Results of the Fitdigits Genetics & Fitness Survey

Results of the Fitdigits Genetics & Fitness Survey Thank you all for your responses to our survey in last month’s newsletter! We are always curious about people and their beliefs, as well as the science, behind health and fitness. While this is certainly not a scientific study, it was very interesting to see the results. … Read more

Vibrams, Hoka One One’s and the Path to Running Shoe Bliss

They were amazing! The cushioning – superb! Even when I wasn’t doing the best form, which happens often when I run with my two dogs, I could feel the extra support and cushioning they provided on the heavier heal strike. When I could practice better form, they were downright blissful. My back thanked me. My calfs thanked me. My Wife even thanked me!

Any day they hang a medallion around your neck is a good day

After working at Fitdigits for a couple months, I ran a half-marathon this past Sunday, June 5th, 2011. The Ojai 2 Ocean, though it started and ended at the Ventura Pier in Ventura, California, which means it was a hometown run for me. I’ve been running for many years now, so it wasn’t a first, but it was certainly a beautiful and fun one.