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iCardio, iRunner, iBiker & iWalker

Profile & Account Management

Fitdigits App Navigation & Menu

Apple Health Daily Activity

Apple Watch

Google Fit


Top FAQs

Apple Health & Apple Watch

Calorie Calculating the Fitdigits Way

Carb Cal vs. Fat Cal

Calories Per Minute (CPM)

Top Support Articles

Sensor Pairing Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (iOS)

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (Android)

Synching Errors

General How To: Deleting the Apps

General How To: Hard Close an App



Working with Activities & Settings

Starting a Workout & Customization

Add Daily Activity & Step Tracking

Working with Audio – iOS  |  Android

Working with Maps & Graphs

Editing an Activity

Delete an Activity

Entering an Activity Manually

Change an Activity Type

Add a Custom (Other) Activity

Exporting Activities

Importing Activities

Working with Custom Routines


Editing Global Settings & Preferences

Customize Home Screen Activities – iOS | Android

Working with Heart Rate Notifications

Managing Notifications Preferences


By Activity Preferences & Settings

Working with Audio – iOS | Android

Working with Laps and Splits

Customize Dashboards – iOS | Android

Customize Chart & Map Metrics (iOS)

Customize Heart Rate Zones – iOS | Android

Customize Pace Zones (iOS)


In-Workout Options




Working with Sensors

Location Services / GPS – Mapping and Tracking Routes

Enabling Location Services (iOS)

Enabling Location Services (Android)


Heart Rate Monitoring

Getting Started with Heart Rate Monitors

How to Pair a HRM with iOS

How to Pair a HRM with Android

How to Pair a Wearlink+ with Android


Working with Heart Rate

Customize Heart Rate Zones (iOS)

Customize Heart Rate Zones (Android)

Customize Pace Zones (iOS)

Adding Advanced & Alternative Heart Rate Zones 

Setting Zone Transition Alerts & Prompts


Sensor Troubleshooting

Trouble Pairing Sensors

Trouble pairing HRM

Trouble pairing HRM – Scosche / Mio

Trouble pairing Wearlink+ on Android

Trouble with Heart Rate Spikes and Dropouts

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (iOS)

Troubleshooting Location Services / GPS (Android)


Other Sensors

Pairing and Using a Power Meter

Setting up a Speed & Cadence Sensor

Calibrating a Speed & Cadence Sensor

Setting up & Calibrating a Footpod Sensor


Working with Partners

Partner Linking & Overview


Daily Activity & Steps Partners

Apple Health


Garmin Vivofit

Google Fit

Jawbone UP

Misfit Devices


Workout Sharing Partners

Overview – Sharing Activities to Workout Share Partners

Apple Health (iOS)



Training Peaks

Import Workouts from a 3rd Party (Garmin, Strava, etc.)


Nutrition Tracking Partners


Linking Daily Activity Providers and Fitdigits to MyFitnessPal

LoseIt (iOS Only)



Setting Up and Managing Groups

Groups: Creating your Group & Managing Users

Groups: Manage your Fitdigits Group Page