Lactate Threshold Heart Rate

“From a perception standpoint, your LTHR is the point where you can’t speak very easily anymore while you are working out.” Heart rate training experts will often say there is no such thing as a Maximum Heart Rate- instead, it is the point where your body starts to operated at its’ Lactate Threshold Heart Rate … Read more Lactate Threshold Heart Rate

Fitdigits Default Maximum Heart Rate and Heart Rate Zones

Since we first started tracking heart rate on the iPhone back in 2010 (anyone remember the iPhone 2?), we’ve used the same default heart rate zones and calculations for maximum heart rates as our defaults – 220-Age was the maximum heart rate for anyone, and zones were cut up 10% per zone – period – … Read more Fitdigits Default Maximum Heart Rate and Heart Rate Zones

Creating a Team or Training Group (Beta)

Once you’ve decided what type of group you want to create, and have become a Star Trainer, creating the group is easy. Tap Menu > Teams. Choose to Create either an open Team Group or more exclusive Trainer Group Add a Team name and information Upload a group icon (square is best, max 2048px x … Read more Creating a Team or Training Group (Beta)

Managing The Team Page

Designing and modifying your open Team view for your members. Add a custom leaderboard, group workout feed, roster, custom blog section and more to your groups page. Personalized widgets, additional messaging, graphics and more help complete the experience for you and your team. Once your team is created, a default groups page exists for your group. The default … Read more Managing The Team Page

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