Scheduling an Activity

To schedule a basic workout, tap Activity Options (gear icon) under the activity type you want to schedule, and tap Schedule. If you would like to schedule a route or routine you typically do, you can do it within the sub-menu of the activity type, or tap the menu icon in the routine details, and … Read more

Routes & Routines

Routes are GPS tracks of places you’ve been and tracked. If you frequent a particular path or route, which most of us do, this is the option for you. Track your neighborhood runs, rides, and walks. See how they compare with each other. See the route on the maps, and even assign heart rate zones … Read more

Integrate YouTube Videos to your Workouts

Integrating YouTube videos into your workouts is fun and easy! Now get motivated from your favorite YouTube workout gurus, and keep track of your efforts for the ultimate in credit – tracked results! A featureLearn more! Select the Workout Type you want to do on the home screen. Select the workout type on your main … Read more

Heart Rate Zone Coaching Alerts

Visual Alerts Once you have your Heart Rate Zones set up, the next step is managing the feedback you get and see while you are training. Go to Activity Options (Gear) > Options > Zones > My Heart Zones.  Popup Alert Puts up a visual popup on the device screen showing information regarding heart rate … Read more

Fitdigits Default Maximum Heart Rate and Heart Rate Zones

Since we first started tracking heart rate on the iPhone back in 2010 (anyone remember the iPhone 2?), we’ve used the same default heart rate zones and calculations for maximum heart rates as our defaults – 220-Age was the maximum heart rate for anyone, and zones were cut up 10% per zone – period – … Read more