Integrate YouTube Videos to your Workouts

Integrating YouTube videos into your workouts is fun and easy! Now get motivated from your favorite YouTube workout gurus, and keep track of your efforts for the ultimate in credit – tracked results! A featureLearn more! Select the Workout Type you want to do on the home screen. Select the workout type on your main … Read more

Heart Rate Zone Coaching Alerts

Visual Alerts Once you have your Heart Rate Zones set up, the next step is managing the feedback you get and see while you are training. Go to Activity Options (Gear) > Options > Zones > My Heart Zones.  Popup Alert Puts up a visual popup on the device screen showing information regarding heart rate … Read more

Advanced Voice Types

iOS: Selecting the Best Voice for your Training Personally, my very favorite new feature in the iOS apps is our new coaching voices, and it takes just a minute to make it great! Trust me on this one, it is worth the update. Everyone can use Advanced Voice. I just love Ava’s Enhanced voice, though … Read more

Using Siri and Fitdigits Apps

“(Start/launch) an (indoor/outdoor) (workoutName) workout (with/on) <iCardio>” There are 5 simple commands that Siri will recognize:1) Start workout – “Start an outdoor run workout with <iCardio>” 2) Cancel Workout – “Cancel <iCardio> workout”3) Pause Workout – “Pause my <iCardio> workout”4) Resume Workout – “Resume <iCardio> workout”5) End My Workout – “End <iCardio> workout” All command … Read more

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Advanced Audio Coaching

Advanced Audio Coaching brings your own personal coach to life, without the extra costs typically associated with a personal coach.  A featureLearn more! Using the Advanced Coaching Audio, there are many voices available to use, even “enhanced” versions of many of them, Male, Female, you name it. See how to change voices and improve the … Read more

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Apple Watch Troubleshooting

Now that you’ve Installed the Apple Watch Companion App and linked up Apple Health, you should be great to go on any kind of adventure with your Fitdigits app. However, sometimes trouble does arise, even on the best of adventures. What follows are different issues and how to address them if you do come across … Read more

Running a Stand Alone Apple Watch Workout

Freedom. Workout with Freedom. Tap the green icons in the corner of the watch screen. One green watch icon, you are watch only. Tap and add a green phone icon and you broadcast between them.  Apple Watch  Installing the Companion App Apple Watch Setup  Optimize Heart Rate from the Apple Watch Troubleshooting   Sync Your … Read more

Installing the Apple Watch Companion App

Once you’ve got the main Fitdigits app installed, you need to install the Apple Watch companion app onto your Apple Watch. For some people who have their Apple Watch installed and have set the Watch app on their device to “Automatic App Install”, there is nothing more to do. However, if your settings do not … Read more