Advanced Audio Coaching

Advanced Audio Coaching brings your own personal coach to life, without the extra costs typically associated with a personal coach. 

Advanced Audio

Using the Advanced Coaching Audio, there are many voices available to use, even “enhanced” versions of many of them, Male, Female, you name it. See how to change voices and improve the coaching on the app here:

Setting A Custom Coaching Voice – iOS

Setting A Custom Coaching Voice – Android

Some of the voices sound pretty good to us here, in iOS I use Karen, some really like Samantha, but there are many to choose from. In Android I do prefer the male voice with a slightly slower speech rate. Features you get with advanced audio coaching:

  • Multiple voice types, including foreign language support
  • Workout totals readout on workout complete
  • Zone name readouts (perfect for custom named zones!)
  • Zone Coaching (iOS) – new – readouts every few minutes or so, you set the interval, readouts of the zone and bpm % you are at currently.
  • Structured workout routine (IOS) Target Zone Coaching: Get coached on routines whether you are in, below or above zone consistently. Perfect for regimented training programs, reminds you to stay in easy zones or when you need to push a bit harder!

Managing Heart Rate Zones & Audio Feedback

Managing Structured Workouts & Audio Feedback

Managing Intervals & Interval Audio Feedback

Managing Audio Feedback