Optimize Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings

Have you see flatlines or choppy heart rate readings from your Apple Watch? The most basic thing to check is to make sure you’ve enabled ALL your Apple Health permissions but if that hasn’t helped, or you have results that aren’t quite flat-lined for an entire workout, something like this:  Here are some tips to get the best … Read more Optimize Apple Watch Heart Rate Readings

Managing Notification Preferences

Fitdigits apps can give you many different types of feedback and encouragement. There are 2 different ways you can manage these notifications, either within the app, or in the devices’ settings. There are 3 types of notifications: In app notifications, which includes popups and notifications that show up inside the app when you are doing … Read more Managing Notification Preferences

Add Daily Activity & Step Tracking to Fitdigits Apps

Get Your Steps On Turn your app into a fun, motivating and powerful step and daily activity tracker! We love our partners like Fitbit, Garmin and other daily step and activity trackers, but we do recognize that having to carry or wear another gadget and maintain it can be a bit much, both in terms … Read more Add Daily Activity & Step Tracking to Fitdigits Apps

Interval Structured Workout Format

There is a point to a workout routine. It can be as simple as completing a set time or distance, to guide you through a recovery run, a steady-state to build stamina, or even a hard HIIT session (High Intensity Interval Training) workout for peak performance and caloric burn. Almost all structured, intentional workouts share … Read more Interval Structured Workout Format

Apple Watch Setup & Notes

Getting started tracking heart rate and activities with the Apple Watch and Fitdigits apps is fast, easy, and flexible. After you’ve got the Apple Watch Companion Apps installed and active, and linked up Apple Health, you should be good to go and start tracking your adventures! We offer 3 modes:  iPhone / Watch Companion Mode: … Read more Apple Watch Setup & Notes

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