Advanced Voice Types

iOS: Selecting the Best Voice for your Training

Personally, my very favorite new feature in the iOS apps is our new coaching voices, and it takes just a minute to make it great! Trust me on this one, it is worth the update. Everyone can use Advanced Voice.

I just love Ava’s Enhanced voice, though many are big on Alex or even Samantha. Select any option within your Region settings section:

Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices

Using the Advanced Voice Type, there are many voices available to use, even “enhanced” versions of many of them = Male, Female, you name it. Then, in your app, make sure you’ve chosen Advanced in the Voice Type section. 

Activity Options (Gear) > Voice Options > Advanced

Whether you love it 10X more like we do or just appreciate the features and benefits it unlocks, we encourage you to set up a nice pleasing voice to help coach you through your workouts. It’s worth it!

You really notice the difference when you start turning on new Advanced Audio Coaching features. Get workout totals, coaching during your structured workout routines, use real heart rate zone names and more!

Android: Selecting the Best Voice for your Training

To select a specific voice for your Fitdigits coach, go to your phone’s:

Settings > Accessibility > Text-to-speech output > gear icon > voice

You can adjust pitch and speech rate, and tap Play to hear a sample. Note you have to choose a voice in the region your phone is currently set for.