Friends – Following & Followers

We’ve expanded the friends & team capabilities to now support following and followers of the athlete in all of us! Support each other as we workout together, yet apart. 
Now in addition to teams as a way to stay connected, we’ve released a Follower / Following friends feature.
Anyone with an account can go to Menu > Friends, and set a personal custom Member URL.
This allows people to find you if they know the URL and follow them, and allow you to follow others as well. If you are linked to Facebook you should also see all your friends on Facebook who have also linked Facebook to their account, and can follow them that way. 
If you have team members or followers, anytime you LiveTrack they should get a push message (assuming they gave permissions), and tapping that can then see the LiveTrack session. You can also open the app, tap the LiveTrack icon on the main screen, and tap View LiveTracking, to view any of your friends currently tracking. 
Give them the ultimate gift – LiveCheers to encourage them on and keep up health habits, getting fit and staying healthy and connected!