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Testimonial by Fitdigits user Jean-Pierre M.

Jean-Pierre Magnan

A year or so ago, I started getting back into shape. At 5′ 8″ and 270 lbs, it was much needed indeed. I wanted to do it in a way that would help me reach realistic goals while avoiding injury. I decided going to spinning classes where I quickly discovered that I needed to track my training sessions in order to view make sure I did not go over the top and risk hurting myself. I searched long and hard before I found Fitdigits. Other apps offered different solutions but Fitdigits seemed to best meet my personal needs.

I use my Fitdigits every time I train or go on a bicycle run or walking. My chest strap, my foot pod and my speed/cadence bike sensor all pair effortlessly with my Fitdigits. They let me get important data on how I train. I can also compare how my body is reacting to effort. Let’s just say that seeing the results of my first spinning classes compared to those I attended this week, is almost frightening. I can now really appreciate all the effort I put into training. My heart is much stronger than before, my blood pressure is perfect and my weight is slowly going down. All these metrics are also tracked by my Fitdigits so when I go see my doctor, I bring my iPhone or my iPad and show her where I’m at with my goals! She loves it. She talked about getting it for herself!

This app is universal so it works on your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. You sync your data to the cloud and then retrieve it on another iDevice. When spinning at the gym, I bring my iPhone but if I train on my spinning bike at home, I prefer to use my iPad. Same thing if I decide to use my wife’s treadmill. I always input my blood pressure on the device I have at hand but with the cloud syncing, you press the magic button and voilà. All my data is instantly available on all my iDevices.

But what makes the Fitdigits app stand out among all the other apps out there is the quality of their customer support. I’ve seen more than my share of bad customer service. I’ve seen a few good example of good customer service. On rare occasions, I had great customer support. But this is beyond great! On quite a few occasions, I have contacted Fitdigits for problems – very few – and suggestions – quite often – and every time, they blow me away. Usually within a few hours, they will get back to you with a complete answer and a time frame if it can’t be implemented right away.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this app. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Troubleshooting Your Heart Rate Monitor & Other Sensors

#1 Issue – Low Battery 

Test the battery, and if necessary replace it. Low battery can cause strange data including abnormally high or low readings. Within our app, after changing the battery, you will need to trash the sensor and pair again. If battery replacement does not fix your issue, try the following tips:

Polar H7 or Other BLE (Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth 4.0) Compatible Heart Rate Monitor

  • Paired With Another iPhone : Make sure no other iPhone is currently connected and communicating with your BLE heart rate monitor. If the heart rate monitor is paired with another iPhone, you will not be able to use the HRM
  • Close Other Paired Apps: If there are any other apps on your iPhone that are communicating with your BLE heart rate monitor, terminate them. The HRM will only be able to pair with one fitness app at a time.
  • Lots More Tips:

Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor (BLE HRM).

Spikes or dropouts? See here.

Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor

Foot Pod (iOS)

  • Activate: Tap your foot in a running motion to activate the foot pod.
  • Installation: Ensure the arrow on the foot pod is facing your toes.

Speed and Cadence Sensors (iOS)

  • Activate: Rotate the pedals a few times to activate the sensor before pairing
  • Choose Sensor: If you are using a Spin Bike make sure you are using a Cadence Sensor. For an outdoor bike, use a Speed and Cadence Senso
  • Installation: Proper installation including positioning of your spoke and pedal magnet as well as the arm distance from spokes is very important.

Note: It has been reported that some HRMs, such as the Wahoo TICKR belt, might have issues due to the belt having both cadence and heart rate. Trying to pair cadence sensor after pairing the HRM caused trouble. The solution was to pair the cadence sensor first, then the heart rate monitor.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact Customer Support