Managing The Team Page

Designing and modifying your open Team view for your members. Add a custom leaderboard, group workout feed, roster, custom blog section and more to your groups page. Personalized widgets, additional messaging, graphics and more help complete the experience for you and your team. Once your team is created, a default groups page exists for your group. The default … Read more Managing The Team Page

Managing your Subscriptions & Purchases

Switching Between Subscriptions When you upgrade to or from the Pro Plus to the Star subscription level, Apple should credit your account for any difference in remaining credit for the different subscription within a few days as part of the same subscription family. Apple * iTunes iTunes handles all returns/refunds of apps. If you need to … Read more Managing your Subscriptions & Purchases

Using Siri and Fitdigits Apps

“(Start/launch) an (indoor/outdoor) (workoutName) workout (with/on) <iCardio>” There are 5 simple commands that Siri will recognize:1) Start workout – “Start an outdoor run workout with <iCardio>” 2) Cancel Workout – “Cancel <iCardio> workout”3) Pause Workout – “Pause my <iCardio> workout”4) Resume Workout – “Resume <iCardio> workout”5) End My Workout – “End <iCardio> workout” All command … Read more Using Siri and Fitdigits Apps

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Running a Stand Alone Apple Watch Workout

Freedom. Workout with Freedom.   Tap the green icons in the corner of the watch screen. One green watch icon, you are watch only. Tap and add a green phone icon and you broadcast between them.    Apple Watch  Installing the Companion App Apple Watch Setup  Optimize Heart Rate from the Apple Watch Troubleshooting   … Read more Running a Stand Alone Apple Watch Workout

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