Get Your Steps On with Fitdigits and Google Fit

Add Steps to your home screenTrack Steps & Daily Activity

Use your phone or smartwatch to track steps and daily activity on top of the great cardio workouts you’re getting. Put the full picture together by linking the Google Fit app to your Fitdigits apps; daily steps, active & total calories per day and other metrics that help you gauge your activity levels and calorie burns.

Google Fit IconPairing Fitdigits & Google Fit

To link your Fitdigits account with Google Fit on your Android:Google Fit Linking

  1. On the main screen of your Fitdigits app, tap Menu > Partners > Google Fit
  2. Tap Enable Sharing
  3. You will be prompted to sync with two options:
    1. Starting Today – this will only upload data from the day you tap onwards
    2. All Time – this will sync all days with data on the device*.
  4. When complete, you will be asked if you want notifications on progress during the day, a single daily report of the previous days activity, or no notifications at all. Change your choice anytime from the Partners screen.


Viewing your daily activity, summaries, and more:
   Apps: Menu > Daily Activity

Note: You must have your weight entered in Google Fit to get Active and Resting Calorie data. You can only be paired with Google Fit on a single device per account at a time. Phones must have Google Fit enabled on a device with an accelerometer to get daily activity detail.

* If you previously had data on a date that also has data from this device, it will overwrite the conflicting Google Fit days data from the previous device. If there is no data from the new device, old device data will be maintained (so for most people upgrading, you have a continuous Fit data stream).


Daily Activity Affirmations & Notifications

We love a little encouragement and knowing where we stand on activity during the day, so we set up notifications to keep you aware and on track, and to encourage you towards your goals.

Steps notificationsWe hope you like them and find them motivating. You can modify the levels you get from the Partners section of the apps.

   Yes Please – a few updates through the day
   No Thanks – no local notifications
   Summary Only – the previous days summary only


Syncing with Google Fit

Google Fit should sync up in the background nicely, however you can initiate an update by bringing the app to the foreground after being in the background, or tapping Menu>Sync from your Fitdigits app. Please allow a few seconds for the Daily Activity view to update from the cloud.

If for some reason you need to do a full or partial sync again or for further troubleshooting, you can go to Settings>Synchronization (see Troubleshooting below) for more sync options.



Troubleshooting Pairing

If you are not seeing any data from Google Fit in your Fitdigits app, make sure Google Fit is set as your preferred daily activity source. We only show and utilize data from one paired source at a time, which can be modified in your Profile page online or on the Partners page online.

If you are set with Google Fit as a preferred parter, and still having trouble with data flowing one way or another, one of the easiest things to do is go back into the Google Fit partner page within your Fitdigits app (see above), tap Disable in the upper right, then tap Enable again to re-enable linking.

If you are getting prompted in the app that there is another device currently linking with Google Fit on your account, but want to change devices, go to the Menu>Partner>Google Fit screen, and tap “Disable” in the top right, which will disable the preferred status of the other device. Tap Enable to enable the current device as your preferred provider.

Android Sync Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure the same user who is Enabled sharing between Google Fit and iCardio are the same account. (See #1 in both flows above).
  2. Make sure you allow all permissions when requested in iCardio.
  3. Check your settings and app linking from within Google’s Fit program under Profile > Settings > Connected Apps. Make sure all data sharing settings are enabled there.
  4. If you still don’t see data, go to Settings>Synchronization. Make note of the last synchronization below the Google Fit entry – is it recent?
    1. If you need to rebuild data, tap Sync Date Reset. The reset should replace the date under Google Fit with either the date you originally specified (if you initially chose “Starting Today”) or say “All Time”. Tap Retry next to Google Fit to initiate the sync.

Please Disable any Power Saving Mode, Battery Management apps or other 3rd party power/battery managers:

Especially for Samsung users, but also other devices as well. Please check that Samsung Power Savings Mode or other Power saving modes are turned off when exercising and tracking activities if you intend to track while the app is backgrounded. Typically if they are on, they will disable any GPS tracking after a short period if the app is backgrounded.

Samsung: Battery settings > App power saving > Details > iCardio/iRunner etc > Disabled

LG — Settings > Battery & Power saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > turn ON for iCardio/iRunner etc.

Motorola — Battery > Menu (upper right corner) > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > select iCardio/iRunner etc > Don’t optimize.

HTC — Phone settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode > Battery Optimization > select iCardio/iRunner etc > Don’t optimize > Save.

Huawei — Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add iCardio/iRunner etc to “Protected Apps”

Sony Battery > Menu (upper right corner) > Battery optimization > Apps > iCardio/iRunner etc.


What Data Shares with Google Fit?

Please note Fitdigits will not send historical data or data pulled from partners (such as steps from Fitbit) to Google Fit. Google has advised developers for the Google Fit to not send their data to other activity tracking companies as well.

Also note Google’s Fit data does not sync to multiple devices. So if you have multiple devices, Google Fit will treat this as two separate accounts, leading to possibilities for missed workouts or duplicates (data doesn’t sync to Fit across devices).

Fitdigits is excited about the possibilities Google Fit offers, and we will continue to evolve our integration and functionality as Google does the same.


Garmin Vivofit Support

Fitdigits is very proud to announce we’ve now got support for the Garmin Vivofit line of activity monitors.

Garmin Vivofit now Supported

While the HR portion of the monitors is not supported (they use ANT+ technology), we can now link accounts and get steps, calories, and more from these great popular activity monitors.

See a complete view of your activities, with accurate calorie counts and great heart rate monitoring during activities using iCardio, iRunner, iWalker or iBiker apps, combined with the daily steps, full days calories, and more when adding Garmin Vivofit to the mix.

Give it a try today!

In Apps or on the web: Go to Menu > Partners > Garmin Vivofit, Tap Link. Enter your Garmin account information to link your two accounts. Give it a minute to import the data and refresh the page.

If you have more than one partner linked, you also need specify which one is your preferred Daily Activity data provider.

To view your Fitbit and Fitdigits steps and calories graphed over time in the app, go to Menu > Daily Activity.

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Fitbit Changes “Active” Minutes


Fitbit has recently announced some changes to the way they count user’s active minutes.

Before if at any time you picked up your pace Fitbit would count that increase in effort as “Active” minutes, and simply sum up those minutes each day. However, in compliance with suggestions by the American Heart Association, Fitbit will only count active minutes after 10 minutes of continuous motion. This change will not affect your step count.

As a result, you may find that your Fitbit active minutes will be lower for the foreseeable future.

For more details, read the blog post Fitbit Extends Minimum Time Frame for Active Minutes.

Fitbit Calories and Fitdigits

Fitdigits and Fitbit have a great partnership that lets you see how many calories you burn daily. Recently, we have had a lot of questions regarding our Fitbit and Fitdigits integration, so I figured I could take some time to answer some FAQ.

For questions regarding MyFitnessPal, Fitdigits and Fitbit Integration, read here

Q: Can I wear my Fitbit during a Fitdigits workout and not get double calories?
A: Yes! Fitdigits and Fitbit are integrated so that whenever you begin a Fitdigits workout all Fitbit calories accumulated during the duration of your Fitdigits workout will be ignored. During workouts, Fitdigits gives you a more accurate caloric burn, so we use this instead of Fitbit. Make sure to keep your Fitbit on so you still get credit for your steps!

Q: I see my Fitbit calories on, but why are the calorie totals several hundred calories lower then what Fitbit shows?
A: On my.fitdigits, we only display the calories burned when you are active, and not when you are sedentary or asleep. If you would like to see these calories included on my.fitdigits, click the “Options” arrow under the chart and make sure “Sedentary/Sleep” has a check next to it.

Click Sedentary/Sleep to see a calorie total equal to what Fitbit displays

Sleep/Sedentary Calories added!

Q: Do my Fitdigits workouts get sent to
A: Yes they do! Whenever you sync your Fitdigits app, the workout will be sent to so you have a record in both places

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Misfit Shine Integration Is Here!

Fitdigits is starting to feel like the most popular kid in school, because we just keep on adding partners! After recently joining forces with the Jawbone UP, Fitdigits is adding the Misfit Shine to its family of health and fitness sensors.

The Shine is a new and unique way to track your steps, caloric burn, sleep, and other valuable health and fitness metrics. The biggest thing about the Shine is how low maintenance it is.

Unlike most activity trackers, the Shine can be worn 24/7 right on your wrist, meaning no accidentally putting it through the washing machine or losing it, and you can even leave it on the shower or while you swim! The Shine will also automatically track sleep without any kind of interaction or button pushing on the monitor, features a battery that lasts 4 months (no constant recharging necessary), and a comfortable and lightweight design.

The Shine is stylish and simple!

When we began discussing a potential partnership with Misfit, we had a few people around the office give it a try, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m a busy working mom with two kids, and my favorite thing is just how easy it all is”, says Kelly Lazarus, a longtime Fitdigits employee. “I put it on and forget it’s on my wrist. No charging it, no losing it, no nothing! In all of my years using activity trackers, the Shine is by far my favorite. And I love the automatic tracking of sleep data.“

It does not hurt that the Shine is easy on the eyes! With a sleek and elegant design, the Shine is a departure from the bright colors and bulky form of sensors of the past. It is a simple, stylish and pragmatic approach to activity tracking.

Fitdigits is ecstatic to add such a unique sensor to it’s already robust list of partners. You can link your Misfit Shine with Fitdigits by logging into My.Fitdigits, going to “Partners” -> Misfit Shine ->”Link Account” and signing in with your Misfit username and password.

Click “Link Account” to pair your Misfit Shine and Fitdigits account

In-app integration will come with the next release of the Fitdigits, which will also feature optimization for iOS 8.

Happy Tracking!

Link Fitdigits With Your Jawbone UP Activity Trackers

You can link any of the Jawbone UP line of activity trackers with Fitdigits either on the web or within the apps. This will post your Fitdigits activities to Jawbone UP, and seamlessly integrate data from their tracker, including steps, calories and sleep, directly into your my.fitdigits dashboard. Currently the data is not held in the app itself but combined online in the cloud. See your integrated data on

From the Apps: 

  1. Open your Fitdigits app and go to Menu > Partners > Jawbone UP
  2. Tap “Link Account”
  3. Enter your Jawbone UP email and password


From the Website: 

  1. Go to My.Fitdigits and login with your Fitdigits username and password.
  2. On the top right, directly below your profile icon, you will see “Partners”. Click here to get to the Fitdigits Partners Page.
  3. Go to “UP” for the Jawbone UP and click “Link Account”.
  4. On the login page, enter in your username and password associated with your Jawbone UP account and activity monitor. (NOT your Fitdigits username).

You are linked! Now your Jawbone UP data will seamlessly integrate on My Fitdigits. To view your Jawbone UP and Fitdigits steps and calories graphed over time in the app, go to Menu > Daily Activity.

If you have more than one partner linked, you also need specify which one is your preferred Daily Activity data provider.

Pair Your Polar Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor With Fitdigits

Fitdigits is now compatible with the Polar Stride Sensor, the first Foot Pod to use Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart, as well as other BLE stride sensors. The Foot pod will work with all Bluetooth Low Energy compatible iOS devices. First, you need to install the Stride Sensor. Once you have done so, you are ready to pair. To do so:

  1. Stomp your foot a few times to activate the sensor
  2. On your BLE compatible device open your Fitdigits App
  3. Go to Settings -> My Sensors, and under Foot Pod turn “Bluetooth Smart” to ON

Pair your BLE Stride Sensor with Fitdigits

The Stride Sensor should pair immediately. Once it does, just begin a workout and you are good to go!

11K Steps a Day

Twas 11 nights before Christmas, when all through the land
Not a person was exercising, no workouts were planned.
The ham was carved, candy eaten without care,
10 pounds later we complain life isn’t fair.

This holiday season, before you snuggle into your bed,
Make sure to have a Holiday plan in your head.
Fitdigits is sharing the year’s best fitness tips,
To help you avoid adding winter weight to your hips.

11th Day- 11K Steps a Day

Fitdigits, Fitbit and a variety of other health and fitness outlets have long stressed the importance of getting 10,000 steps in each and everyday. We have posted 10 Tips to Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day in the past and in general stressed the importance of reaching that nice, round benchmark. Well, it might be time to rev things up a bit.

If you have been using an activity monitor for awhile and hit 10,000 steps regularly, really challenge yourself this holiday season and in 2014 to hit 11K each and every day. If you added an extra 1,000 steps everyday, that adds up to burning an additional 5 pounds a year!

Fitdigits is not only compatible with Fitbit. We now boast compatibility with a plethora of fitness sensors, such as the Withings Pulse, BodyMedia and Jawbone UP. To connect these trackers with your Fitdigits account, check out our partners page.

Set and Crush Goals with Fitdigits

Set different goalsSet Goals for Fitdigits AppsFitdigits gives you the power to create all kinds of health and fitness goals.  Whether you want to lose 25 pounds in the course of a year or be able to walk 1,000 extra steps each week, Fitdigits has got you covered.

Tap Menu > Goals from within the app, or go to and get them going online. You can set weekly, monthly or annual goals based on distance, duration, steps, calorie burn, or weight.

Distance Goal

To set a distance goal based on a workout type, select the Distance option on the set goal menu. Enter in the number of miles (or KM if you are set in Metric units) you would like to travel over the given time frame. Next, select the workout type with which you would like to track distance and the source you would like to use. Click/tap Create.

Duration Goal

To set up a Duration goal, select the Duration option on the set goal menu. Enter in the total time in minutes that you want to workout. Next, select the workout type you would like to apply for tracking duration. If you want to set a goal for all activity types, select Any Activity. Select the source you would like to use for the goal, and click/tap Create.

Set a steps goalSteps Goal

To set a Steps based goal, select Steps from the set goal menu. Enter in the number of steps you would like to complete in the given period. Next, select “measure with” options. If you are linked with Fitbit or other daily activity provider like Apple Health or Google Fit, you should be able to track this goal with that device.

Weight Goal

To set a Weight based goal, select Weight on the set goal menu. Enter in your current weight (lbs in U.S. and kg in Metric units) and the weight you would like to reach. You can then opt to lose a number of pounds in the given period based on goal time frame. For instance, if you want to lose 20 pounds, you can create a monthly goal to lose 5 pounds. Your goal is set once you click/tap Create!

Calorie Goal

To set a Calorie based goal based on a workout type, select Caloric Burn on the set goal menu. Enter in the amount of calories you would like to burn in the given time period; for instance, if this is a monthly goal, enter in the amount of calories you would want to burn for the month. Next, select the workout type for which you would like to see calories apply. Click/tap Create to begin!
Steps Goal Detail

Seeing Your Progress & Results

You can see your goal progression on either the online portal or your app. You can see the current time period progress as well as a historical view showing how you did in past weeks/months/years.

Setting a Favorite Goal

To set a single selected goal as your “Favorite” goal, which will then show up on the top of the main goals listing and in banners and different display areas throughout, on the desktop web, tap into the specific goal then tap the star icon (see below).

Deleting / Removing a Goal

To delete a goal from your goals section, tap into the goal details and at the bottom tap “Remove”.

23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

We love this video and the message behind it. Thank you, Dr. Mike Evans, for creating a wonderfully informational and entertaining video that communicates the message that exercise and walking is not only necessary, it’s good for you!