Garmin Vivofit now Supported

Garmin Vivofit Support

Fitdigits is very proud to announce we’ve now got support for the Garmin Vivofit line of activity monitors.

Garmin Vivofit now Supported

While the HR portion of the monitors is not supported (they use ANT+ technology), we can now link accounts and get steps, calories, and more from these great popular activity monitors.

See a complete view of your activities, with accurate calorie counts and great heart rate monitoring during activities using iCardio, iRunner, iWalker or iBiker apps, combined with the daily steps, full days calories, and more when adding Garmin Vivofit to the mix.

Give it a try today!

In Apps or on the web: Go to Menu > Partners > Garmin Vivofit, Tap Link. Enter your Garmin account information to link your two accounts. Give it a minute to import the data and refresh the page.

If you have more than one partner linked, you also need specify which one is your preferred Daily Activity data provider.

To view your Fitbit and Fitdigits steps and calories graphed over time in the app, go to Menu > Daily Activity.

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