Garmin Connect & Watch Support

Fitdigits is very proud of our long relationship with Garmin. You can easily link your Garmin account with Fitdigits through our Partners section, and you will get your Garmin steps and activities posted directly to Fitdigits. 

Linked accounts get daily steps, calories, and active time, as well as activities tracked on the Garmin platform.

Garmin Vivofit now Supported

To get heart rate from the Garmin line of watches natively to our app, so you can see it real time on our oversized graphs, with custom zone coaching and a whole variety of other cool features, you would need a Bluetooth to ANT+ signal convertor like the C.A.B.L.E. from North Pole Engineering. A super cool and handy tool for sure, which can be leveraged to allow both app tracking with us and Zwift too, if you are a Zwift enthusiast.

In Apps or on the web:

Menu > Partners > Garmin > Link Account

Enter your Garmin login to link the accounts. Give it a minute to import the data and refresh the page.

If you have more than one partner linked, you also need specify which one is your Preferred Daily Activity provider.

To view your Garmin and Fitdigits steps and calories, go to Menu > Daily Activity.

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