Sharing with Apple Health

The Health app provides daily steps, active & total calories per day and other metrics that help you gauge your activity levels. Fitdigits apps also post to Health with information about your tracked activities within our apps iCardio, iRunner, iWalker and iBiker.

Linking Fitdigits Apps with Apple Health

To link your Fitdigits account with Apple Health on your iPhone or iPod Touch:

  1. On the main screen of your Fitdigits app, tap Menu > Partners > Apple Health
  2. Tap Enable Sharing
  3. Choose what data you want to send to and from the Health app and Fitdigits (see screenshot). The best thing to chose “Turn All Categories On“.
  4. Tap “Done” in the upper right of the Health app
  5. If you allowed reading daily activity metrics, you will be prompted to sync your data. There are two options:
    1. Starting Today – this will only upload data from the day you tap onwards
    2. All Time – this will sync all days with data on the device. If you previously had data on a date that also has data from this device, it will overwrite the conflicting Apple Health days data from the previous device. If there is no data from the new device, old device data will be maintained (so for most people upgrading, you have a continuous Apple Health data stream).
    3. When the sync is complete, you will be asked if you want motivating messaging through the day, just a daily report of the previous days activity, or no Notifications at all. You can always change this setting by visiting the Partners page.
    4. To view your daily activity, tap the Daily tab within your Fitdigits app.

Note: Apple’s Health app is an iOS app that comes standard on the iPhone and iPod Touch, pre-iPhone 5S devices not supported. It is a device specific app, it does not share data across devices, and requires a minimum of iOS 10.

Sharing Workouts to Apple Health

If there is a past workout that somehow didn’t get synced to Apple Health:

  1. Tap that workout
  2. Tap the Share link in the upper right in the workout detail

See Sharing Workouts for more.

If you see a difference in Active Calories posted to the Apple Activity app and what is shared to Apple Health, this article on the subject is quite helpful (here).

Daily Activity Notifications

One of the first things you may notice, depending on your settings, is the daily activity notifications. We hope you like them and find them motivating. However, not everyone does. See how to manage them here:

Managing Notification Preferences

Troubleshooting Pairing
Preferred Partner

If you are not seeing any data from Apple Health to your Fitdigits app, check the >Partners page, make sure Apple Health is set as your preferred daily activity source. We only show and utilize data from one paired source, which can be modified in your Profile section online.

Re-Enable Apple Health Link

  1. Tap Menu > Partners > Apple Health
  2. Tap Disable in the upper right
  3. Tap Enable again to re-enable linking.
  4. Make sure you choose ALL categories for both read and write when prompted.

Check for Synchronization Errors

  1. Tap Menu > Support > Synchronization.
  2. If the last synchronization date is older, tap Retry.
  3. If you need to rebuild data, tap Sync Date Reset.
    1. The reset should replace the date under Apple Health with either the date you originally specified (if you initially chose “Starting Today”) or say “All Time”.
  4. Tap Retry next to Apple Health to initiate sync.

     If you are getting prompted in the app that there is another device currently linking with Apple Health on your account, but want to change devices, please disable then re-enable the Apple Health link (see Troubleshooting above). 

Modifying Fitdigits / Apple Health Share Permissions

  1. Open the Apple Health app
  2. Tap your PROFILE PHOTO in the top right section of Summary
  3. Scroll down and tap the app name

You can review or change any read and write settings from there at any time.

What Data Shares with Apple Health?

If you are paired with the Health app using the steps above, after you complete an activity, it will be shared with Apple’s Health app and stored there for review. Fitdigits will receive basic daily activity data such as steps and distance, depending on permissions granted and current levels of support.

Fitdigits will not send data pulled from partners (such as steps from Fitbit) to Apple Health, as Apple expressly does not allow it. Apple has advised developers for the Apple Health Kit to not send their data to other activity tracking companies as well.

Also note Apple’s Health data does not sync to multiple devices. So if you have an iPad and iPod Touch, Apple Health will treat this as two separate accounts, leading to possibilities for missed workouts or duplicates (data doesn’t sync to Health across devices).

Fitdigits is excited about the possibilities Apple Health offers, and we will continue to evolve our integration and functionality as Apple does the same.

If you see a difference in Active Calories posted to the Apple Activity app and what is shared to Apple Health, this article on the subject is quite helpful (here).

Misfit Shine Integration Is Here!

Fitdigits is starting to feel like the most popular kid in school, because we just keep on adding partners! After recently joining forces with the Jawbone UP, Fitdigits is adding the Misfit Shine to its family of health and fitness sensors.

The Shine is a new and unique way to track your steps, caloric burn, sleep, and other valuable health and fitness metrics. The biggest thing about the Shine is how low maintenance it is.

Unlike most activity trackers, the Shine can be worn 24/7 right on your wrist, meaning no accidentally putting it through the washing machine or losing it, and you can even leave it on the shower or while you swim! The Shine will also automatically track sleep without any kind of interaction or button pushing on the monitor, features a battery that lasts 4 months (no constant recharging necessary), and a comfortable and lightweight design.

The Shine is stylish and simple!

When we began discussing a potential partnership with Misfit, we had a few people around the office give it a try, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m a busy working mom with two kids, and my favorite thing is just how easy it all is”, says Kelly Lazarus, a longtime Fitdigits employee. “I put it on and forget it’s on my wrist. No charging it, no losing it, no nothing! In all of my years using activity trackers, the Shine is by far my favorite. And I love the automatic tracking of sleep data.“

It does not hurt that the Shine is easy on the eyes! With a sleek and elegant design, the Shine is a departure from the bright colors and bulky form of sensors of the past. It is a simple, stylish and pragmatic approach to activity tracking.

Fitdigits is ecstatic to add such a unique sensor to it’s already robust list of partners. You can link your Misfit Shine with Fitdigits by logging into My.Fitdigits, going to “Partners” -> Misfit Shine ->”Link Account” and signing in with your Misfit username and password.

Click “Link Account” to pair your Misfit Shine and Fitdigits account

In-app integration will come with the next release of the Fitdigits, which will also feature optimization for iOS 8.

Happy Tracking!

Groups: Manage your Fitdigits Group Page

Fitdigits gives our Star members the ability create groups, but create great group landing pages too. Add a custom leaderboard, group workout feed, roster, custom blog section and more to your groups page. With custom HTML widgets, add messaging, graphics and more to complete the communications.

Once your group is created, a default groups page exists for your group. The default widgets include your member roster, a personal workout feed, and a feed for the Fitdigits blog, however contents are easily customizable.

Customizing your Group Page

You must be a Group Owner or Group Administrator to modify the group page for all users (see Managing Users).

From the Group detail page, tap the Menu icon in the top left. Administrators and Owners will see the Preview checkbox in the upper right. When checked, you are viewing the group page as it will show to other members (depending on widget choices).

1. Uncheck Preview to go into Edit mode.

Click the Menu (three line icon) in the upper left to view the menu. Turn off Preview mode to edit your page.

2. Edit Existing Widgets

When in edit mode, each widget on the page has a blue administration bar above it.

Tap the X to remove the widget from the page view.

Tap the pencil to edit the viewing properties of the widget (whether it is shown to admins only or all team members) as well as the detail and options for the widget.

You may also click and hold the top blue administration bar and drag-drop the widget into different areas or sections of the page, so you can change the layout and display to fit your tastes.

3. Add Widgets


This will create a sortable leaderboard featuring a variety of stats you can choose from, including time, distance, calories and more.

Group Workout Feed

See the workouts completed by team members who have opted-in to share their workouts to the group. Tap on the icon to go to the details.

Group Roster

The Roster is added by default. This will list all of the members of your group, along with information they have given permission for members to view.

Personal Workout Feed

If you want to just see your own personal workout feed. This does not show on other group members pages.


Add a custom banner image with this widget.


The HTML widget is one of our most flexible. Basic HTML can be used to create messages and presentations to your group with almost endless variety.


Show a calendar with checks on all the days the group recorded activity, see the totals below, and select a day to drill into specific activities.

Blog Feed

You can easily link to an existing blog feed. You will need to know the blog feed URL and specify how many posts you want to show.

4. Change Page Layout

Choose from a variety of different page layouts to change the look and feel of your groups page.

5. Reset Layout & Widgets

This will reset your page to the default widgets and settings.

We hope you enjoy your group and group page. If you have any trouble, please contact Customer Support.

Link MyFitnessPal and Fitdigits

Fitdigits is now partners with MyFitnessPal, and we could not be more excited! All you have to do is link your Fitdigits account with MyFitnessPal, and you will be able to see your Fitdigits calories count towards your daily allowance from MyFitnessPal. To link accounts:

1. Open Fitdigits and go to Menu > Partners > MyFitnessPal
2. Tap “Link Account”
3. Enter in your MyFitnessPal username and password, or link with Facebook
4. Tap Allow, and then tap Done

Now, after you complete a Fitdigits workout the application will automatically send the amount of calories you burn to your MyFitnessPal account!

If you also have a Fitbit or other daily activity partner linked (for the sake of this discussion we will use Fitbit as the primary example), we have found that linking Fitdigits with Fitbit, then Fitbit with MyFitnessPal is the best way to link the three partners. If you try to link them a different way, problems will occur:

1. Link Fitdigits with MyFitnessPal, and MyFitnessPal with another Daily Activity Provider (Not recommended)
You will need to take your Fitbit off when using Fitdigits, or you will get a double-dose of calorie adjustments – Fitbit giving you “some” credit for the exercise (especially if running or walking), while Fitdigits also would give you total credit for the exercise. Also, when MFP posts activity burn to Fitbit, it doesn’t transfer the distance. The worst part, though, is that if you don’t wear Fitbit while exercising/running/walking, it means you wouldn’t get credit for the steps you do during those exercises and that is probably the biggest bummer!

2. Link Fitdigits with BOTH MyFitnessPal and with another Daily Activity Provider (Not recommended)
If you want to live in a world of delusion, this will give you a huge caloric intake capacity as it will double your calories everywhere you look and give you a false sense of accomplishment on a regular basis. However, we have found living in a world of delusion, while fun for a little while, can have results that don’t exactly match the real world!

Post Workout Results to Lose It!

The iOS version of Fitdigits offers the ability to post your workout results to Lose It! directly from the Fitdigits app. Follow these steps:

*Make sure you have downloaded Lose It! and have created an account on your device before starting.

1. Open your Fitdigits App

2. Go to the Results tab and select the workout you wish to share. Tap Share in the upper right

3. Tap Lose It! (Photo 1)

4. The time and calories of your workout will appear in another screen. Tap “Add” in the upper right hand corner (Photo 2)

5. From here you will have two options: Either go back to Fitdigits, or Remain in Lose It!. Tap “Remain in Lose It!” to view your shared results. (Photo 3) (NOTE: It has been our experience that the “Remain in Lose It!” button does not respond immediately. Do not give up so soon. Keep tapping the button until it is successfully shared.) 

6. Be sure to scroll to the appropriate date to view your posted workout! (Photo 4)

Tap Lose It!

Tap “Add” in the Upper Right Hand Corner

Tap “Remain in Lose It! (Might take a few times)

View Your Workout in Lose It!

Share Your Fitdigits Activities to Our Partners

Share your workouts to: TrainingPeaks, Strava, Runkeeper, DailyMile, Facebook, MyFitnessPal, Twitter and More

Anyone can share manually to one or more of our many partners. With our Star Membership, you also have the ability to auto-share to your partners. When paired and set to on, activity providers will be automatically updated every time you do a workout without having to share manually as outlined here.

To Share from your iOS or Android device:

1. Go into the detailed Results of the activity you want to shareSharing to partners from Fitdigits apps
2. Tap the “Share” in the upper right hand corner
3. Tap how you want to share the activity.
4. If you don’t see the partner you want to share to in the list, tap “Add Share Partner” and select / link to the desired partner.

NOTES: Make sure you have synced your workouts by performing a Sync before you attempt to share via .csv. Fitdigits will not allow you to email your results via .csv, .gpx or .tcx if you have not already synced the workout.

Also, from the devices, share is only for activity partners, not device partners such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP, or nutrition partners such as MyFitnessPal. The share to those partners is typically automatic on sync, but if there is an issue, you can also share them via the website, see below for more.

To Share from the Website:

Partner Share from Fitdigits Website

1. Go into the detailed Results of the activity you want to share (it must be synced from the device to the cloud to show on the website).
2. Tap the “Share” in the upper right hand corner
3. Tap how you want to share the activity.
4. If you don’t see the partner you want to share to in the list, tap “Add Share Partner” and select / link to the desired partner.

Ways you can share:

Share Page 
This option creates a custom page that accessible by those with the link. Using that URL, you can share the page / activity with anyone or any way you choose. When you are on that page, you will see a set of options on the left side of the page that make it easy to click and share.

Apple Health
This will share your Fitdigits workout to your Apple Health app. For more information, see the blog post on Apple Health.

This will share your Fitdigits workout results via email. When you tap email, Fitdigits will put a summary of your data, as well as include the screenshots you specified. You can then send this email to whomever you like!

This will share your Fitdigits workout to your Facebook wall. For more information, see the blog post on Facebook Sharing.

This will share your Fitdigits Workout to your Twitter sphere. For more information, see the blog post on Tweeting your Workouts

This will upload your information to Strava. Strava is a online workout logging website, with both free and premium accounts available. You can upload all of your Fitdigits workouts so you have them in an easy to access format. To share, make sure you link to Strava by going to Menu > Partners >Strava, enter your Strava username and password and tap Save.

Now go back to your workout results, tap Share > Strava, choose what type of workout you performed, tap save and you will receive a message verifying that your workout has been uploaded.

Please Note: Strava doesn’t support indoor workout types except Elliptical – see here for more, and note the bottom comment about a Work out type with an indoor checkbox is no longer valid. They need not just GPS for a valid share, it also requires distance, or marking the workout as an Elliptical, though from the Strava API documentation we can only share types ‘biking’, ‘running’, ‘hiking’, ‘walking’ and ‘swimming’,  so we are not given the ability to upload Elliptical type workouts.

If you have any update please let us know at support @

This will upload your workouts to your Runkeeper account. Login using your Runkeeper username and password. If you login to Runkeeper using your Facebook account, go the Runkeeper website and login with your Facebook account. Next, choose the option to change your password, and create a password for your Facebook account on Runkeeper. After you have done this, when you try to pair with Runkeeper do not login via Facebook, but instead use your Facebook email address and new password.

See here as an example of how to add Runkeeper and share a workout to them:

Training Peaks
This will upload your information to Training Peaks. Training Peaks is a online workout and nutrition logging website, with both free and premium accounts available. You can upload all of your Fitdigits workouts so you have them in an easy to access format. To share, make sure you link to Training Peaks by going to Menu > Partners > Training Peaks, enter your Training Peaks username and password and tap Save.

Now go back to your workout results, tap Share -> Training Peaks, choose what type of workout you performed, tap save and you will receive a message verifying that your workout has been uploaded.

Lose It! (iOS devices only)
You can also now visualize your results through Lose It! For more information, see our blog post on Sharing Workouts to Lose It!

Email .csv, .tcx, .gpx
Choosing this option will email yourself your workout results as a linke to a .csv, .tcx and .gpx file. A .csv file is best opened in Excel and once you have this data, you can manipulate it in excel or upload it to numerous workout tracking websites. The other file types, .tcx and .gpx, are popular file formats for workout upload sites such as Garmin Connect.