Post Workout Results to Lose It!

The iOS version of Fitdigits offers the ability to post your workout results to Lose It! directly from the Fitdigits app. Follow these steps:

*Make sure you have downloaded Lose It! and have created an account on your device before starting.

1. Open your Fitdigits App

2. Go to the Results tab and select the workout you wish to share. Tap Share in the upper right

3. Tap Lose It! (Photo 1)

4. The time and calories of your workout will appear in another screen. Tap “Add” in the upper right hand corner (Photo 2)

5. From here you will have two options: Either go back to Fitdigits, or Remain in Lose It!. Tap “Remain in Lose It!” to view your shared results. (Photo 3) (NOTE: It has been our experience that the “Remain in Lose It!” button does not respond immediately. Do not give up so soon. Keep tapping the button until it is successfully shared.) 

6. Be sure to scroll to the appropriate date to view your posted workout! (Photo 4)

Tap Lose It!
Tap “Add” in the Upper Right Hand Corner
Tap “Remain in Lose It! (Might take a few times)
View Your Workout in Lose It!