Groups: Creating your Group & Managing Users

When you are a Fitdigits Star Member you get to create your own group and group page! Have fun with your friends and family, share activities, create leaderboards, and more.

Creating a Group

1.  Upgrade to a Star Membership with Fitdigits.
2. Login to, tap Groups
3. In the upper left of the page, see the text “you have X group credits”
4. Select “Start a Group”
5. Enter your Group name, password, and description. You can also add a group photo, as well as a custom Fitdigits URL to make your group easier to find to new members
6. Tap Save

Editing Group Info

You can edit your group information any time from the Member Admin page. Simply click on the name of the group to see current group info, change the group password, etc. See below on Managing Users for more.

Managing Users

Users can be invited, added, deleted, and assigned roles from the same group admin page. You can assign the role of user or admin. There can only be one owner for a group. The group owner can’t be deleted until the role has been assigned to another member in the group.

Inviting Users to your Group

1. Go to Groups > Admin
2. Select your group (if you have more than one group)
3. Select Invite users – be sure to include commas between email addresses

Each group can only have a maximum of 10 users. If you want more than 10 users, you need to create a second group with an additional group credit. Invited members should receive an email containing the Group name and password

Users may also request to join a group.  To do this:

1. Go to Groups > Join Group
2. Enter in the group name and password (note that these are case sensitive)

Member Roles

Each Group is structured to have one group Owner and one (or more) administrators (admin). The group is good for up to 10 total members. The Owner of the group has permission to add and delete users as well as assign group roles, while Admins have the same permission, except they cannot make anyone an Owner as there is only one Owner per group.

Member Privacy & Sharing Permissions

Each member has the ability to specify what they want to share with a group. This will affect the view of things like group feed, roster, leaderboard stats and more. Members can view or change their settings at any time from the group view, tapping the menu icon and My Group Sharing Permissions in the main menu.

Member permissions

Managing the Group Page

Once a group has been created, it gets a group page dedicated to it for the members to visit. As the owner or administrator of the group, you can customize the page and what is viewed in a variety of ways. See the next section on managing the group page.

Managing your Fitdigits Group Page

Fitdigits Apps Menu & Navigation

Fitdigits now features a revamped user interface for iCardio, iRunner, iWalker and iBiker. The streamlined menu allows you to navigate throughout the app easily and quickly.

To access the menu, tap the three horizontal bars in the top left of the home screen.

Tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu

Tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu

After tapping, the menu will reveal. Let’s briefly go over all of the menu items

Heart rate training app navigation

  1. Profile / Name – Set and edit information like your name, profile picture, height, weight, fitness level, email and more.
  2. My Upgrades – This will show you your current purchases or allow you to upgrade for some great features and functionality.
  3. Activities – View a complete list of all workouts and activities tracked with Fitdigits.
  4. Daily Activity – View your steps and calories over small and large periods of time when paired with Apple Health, Google Fit or one of our other daily activity providers.
  5. Goals – Set goals for activity, steps, weight and more.
  6. Health Vitals – Keep track of weight, blood pressure, resting pulse, sleep and connect, either manually entered or through our health partners.
  7. Groups – List and manage the groups you belong to or start your own group if you are a Star member.
  8. Partners – Link and manage all your partners, daily activity and steps providers, and other health partners and providers.
  9. Sensors – Go here to pair and manage compatible Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors.
  10. Sync – This syncs all of your data to make sure there is a safe backup and so you can view workouts on
  11. Settings – View your app settings and customize them.
  12. Support – Email support, send a Debug log, read tips and tricks about using and troubleshooting the apps.

Where did Fitness Assessments go? 

Since the activity you do the Fitness Assessment in is so critical to the assessment, access them from the gear / options icon to the left of the quick start button when you are in the home screen with the activity type you want to do the assessment with selected.

Groups: Manage your Fitdigits Group Page

Fitdigits gives our Star members the ability create groups, but create great group landing pages too. Add a custom leaderboard, group workout feed, roster, custom blog section and more to your groups page. With custom HTML widgets, add messaging, graphics and more to complete the communications.

Once your group is created, a default groups page exists for your group. The default widgets include your member roster, a personal workout feed, and a feed for the Fitdigits blog, however contents are easily customizable.

Customizing your Group Page

You must be a Group Owner or Group Administrator to modify the group page for all users (see Managing Users).

From the Group detail page, tap the Menu icon in the top left. Administrators and Owners will see the Preview checkbox in the upper right. When checked, you are viewing the group page as it will show to other members (depending on widget choices).

1. Uncheck Preview to go into Edit mode.

Click the Menu (three line icon) in the upper left to view the menu. Turn off Preview mode to edit your page.

2. Edit Existing Widgets

When in edit mode, each widget on the page has a blue administration bar above it.

Tap the X to remove the widget from the page view.

Tap the pencil to edit the viewing properties of the widget (whether it is shown to admins only or all team members) as well as the detail and options for the widget.

You may also click and hold the top blue administration bar and drag-drop the widget into different areas or sections of the page, so you can change the layout and display to fit your tastes.

3. Add Widgets


This will create a sortable leaderboard featuring a variety of stats you can choose from, including time, distance, calories and more.

Group Workout Feed

See the workouts completed by team members who have opted-in to share their workouts to the group. Tap on the icon to go to the details.

Group Roster

The Roster is added by default. This will list all of the members of your group, along with information they have given permission for members to view.

Personal Workout Feed

If you want to just see your own personal workout feed. This does not show on other group members pages.


Add a custom banner image with this widget.


The HTML widget is one of our most flexible. Basic HTML can be used to create messages and presentations to your group with almost endless variety.


Show a calendar with checks on all the days the group recorded activity, see the totals below, and select a day to drill into specific activities.

Blog Feed

You can easily link to an existing blog feed. You will need to know the blog feed URL and specify how many posts you want to show.

4. Change Page Layout

Choose from a variety of different page layouts to change the look and feel of your groups page.

5. Reset Layout & Widgets

This will reset your page to the default widgets and settings.

We hope you enjoy your group and group page. If you have any trouble, please contact Customer Support.