Managing Notification Preferences

Fitdigits apps can give you many different types of feedback and encouragement. There are 2 different ways you can manage these notifications, either within the app, or in the devices’ settings. There are 3 types of notifications: In app notifications, which includes popups and notifications that show up inside the app when you are doing … Read more

Fitdigits and Samsung S Health

Fitdigits apps, iCardio, iRunner, iWalker and iBiker do not currently, officially, support Samsung S Health as a data provider or partner. However, for people who would like to pair the S Health data and view it in your Fitdigits app and website, there is an unofficial link that can be created through a 3rd party … Read more

Getting Started with iCardio, iRunner, iBiker (Android)

(View for iOS) Thank you for your interest in Fitdigits health, fitness, activity tracking and heart rate training apps, iCardio, iRunner, iWalker and iBiker. We hope the following short video will help you get up and running (pardon the pun) in no time! Each of our apps offers a distinct experience, but they all share … Read more

Get Your Steps On

Track Steps & Daily Activity Use your phone or smartwatch to track steps and daily activity on top of the great cardio workouts you’re getting. Put the full picture together by linking the Google Fit app to your Fitdigits apps; daily steps, active & total calories per day and other metrics that help you gauge your … Read more

Fitdigits Android Apps – Download Previous Releases

The current version of Fitdigits apps can always be found on the Google Play Store. Previous releases of Fitdigits Android Apps iCardio * iRunner * iBiker If you are having issues with the current version, you might try dropping down to a previous version if it worked for you. Previous versions are all iCardio, but base … Read more

Fitdigits iCardio Android Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in the Fitdigits Andriod beta program. We are now in Open Beta testing, a whole new level for the Android version of our activity tracking app. Sign up here: We are always working to upgrade the current version of the Android app and are looking for a great beta participants. Please let us … Read more

In-Workout Options

So you are in the middle of your run / ride / yoga session, and you decide you just want to have quiet for a change, or perhaps you just want to put your phone down and have it auto-swipe through all the dashboard screens. Maybe there is even something else you want, like changing … Read more