Fitdigits Android Apps – Download Previous Releases

The current version of Fitdigits apps can always be found on the Google Play Store.

Previous releases of Fitdigits Android Apps

iCardio * iRunner * iBiker

If you are having issues with the current version, you might try dropping down to a previous version if it worked for you. Previous versions are all iCardio, but base functionality and account information should be the same across apps.

v10.017  Sep 25, 2020

v4.25 Jul. 31, 2018

v4.15 Nov. 14, 2017 – Last release with old home screen feed / activity results layout, and without Landscape support

v4.08 June 16, 2017 – The new user interface, material design, and much more!

v3.92 July 20, 2017

v3.78 April 7, 2017

v3.72 Jan 9, 2017

v3.69  Dec 28, 2016



v3.31 (pretty old…):