Customize Your In-Activity Dashboards – Android

(View for iOS)

Your dashboards can be fully customized to look just like you want them to, with the options and metrics you choose, and to add as many as you want! Simply swipe between them in your workout. Interested in heart rate monitoring only? Or maybe pace/speed and time? It’s easy.

Add a Custom Dashboard

  1. Select your Activity type, tap the Activity Options (gear icon)
  2. Tap Dashboards
  3. Tap the green + button in the top right to create a new dashboard
Customize Android Dashboards

Creating & Managing Your Dashboards

  • Tap and hold a previously defined dashboard to delete it
  • Turn the toggle on or off to show the dashboard while in your workout
  • Tap the dashboard to edit a previously defined dash
    • Note: You can have up to 4 sections on each dashboard, and as few as 1 section with just 1 metric (if you like a really big heart rate readout!). Each section can have up to 4 metrics. The metric sizes are auto adjusted to fit the space.
  • Tap on any given metric that is already in place to edit the metric that shows in that section.
  • Tap “+ ADD” to add another metric to that section. The order of the metrics and how they are added is shown in the screen shot below, and depends on how many metrics you are going to have in your given section.
  • If you want to remove a section, tap each metric and tap Remove – once all metrics are removed the section will be removed and the remaining sections will expand to fit the space.
  • To add a section, tap the “+ SECTION” button at the bottom of the screen. Note there is a maximum of 4 sections per dashboard screen.

Viewing / Adding Multiple Dashboards

Viewing multiple workout dashboards in a single workout is especially useful for custom workouts or sensors stats. For example, one dashboard tracking distance, speed and cadence. Another dashboard for heart rate, calories and time elapsed. A third dashboard for zone stats if you are using custom heart zones. On the other hand, there are people who want to focus on a single metric. Either way, a great way to customize your tracking!