Fitdigits Apps Menu & Navigation

Fitdigits now features a revamped user interface for iCardio, iRunner, iWalker and iBiker. The streamlined menu allows you to navigate throughout the app easily and quickly.

To access the menu, tap the three horizontal bars in the top left of the home screen.

Tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu

Tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu

After tapping, the menu will reveal. Let’s briefly go over all of the menu items

Heart rate training app navigation

  1. Profile / Name – Set and edit information like your name, profile picture, height, weight, fitness level, email and more.
  2. My Upgrades – This will show you your current purchases or allow you to upgrade for some great features and functionality.
  3. Activities – View a complete list of all workouts and activities tracked with Fitdigits.
  4. Daily Activity – View your steps and calories over small and large periods of time when paired with Apple Health, Google Fit or one of our other daily activity providers.
  5. Goals – Set goals for activity, steps, weight and more.
  6. Health Vitals – Keep track of weight, blood pressure, resting pulse, sleep and connect, either manually entered or through our health partners.
  7. Groups – List and manage the groups you belong to or start your own group if you are a Star member.
  8. Partners – Link and manage all your partners, daily activity and steps providers, and other health partners and providers.
  9. Sensors – Go here to pair and manage compatible Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors.
  10. Sync – This syncs all of your data to make sure there is a safe backup and so you can view workouts on
  11. Settings – View your app settings and customize them.
  12. Support – Email support, send a Debug log, read tips and tricks about using and troubleshooting the apps.

Where did Fitness Assessments go? 

Since the activity you do the Fitness Assessment in is so critical to the assessment, access them from the gear / options icon to the left of the quick start button when you are in the home screen with the activity type you want to do the assessment with selected.

Link Fitdigits With Your Jawbone UP Activity Trackers

You can link any of the Jawbone UP line of activity trackers with Fitdigits either on the web or within the apps. This will post your Fitdigits activities to Jawbone UP, and seamlessly integrate data from their tracker, including steps, calories and sleep, directly into your my.fitdigits dashboard. Currently the data is not held in the app itself but combined online in the cloud. See your integrated data on

From the Apps: 

  1. Open your Fitdigits app and go to Menu > Partners > Jawbone UP
  2. Tap “Link Account”
  3. Enter your Jawbone UP email and password


From the Website: 

  1. Go to My.Fitdigits and login with your Fitdigits username and password.
  2. On the top right, directly below your profile icon, you will see “Partners”. Click here to get to the Fitdigits Partners Page.
  3. Go to “UP” for the Jawbone UP and click “Link Account”.
  4. On the login page, enter in your username and password associated with your Jawbone UP account and activity monitor. (NOT your Fitdigits username).

You are linked! Now your Jawbone UP data will seamlessly integrate on My Fitdigits. To view your Jawbone UP and Fitdigits steps and calories graphed over time in the app, go to Menu > Daily Activity.

If you have more than one partner linked, you also need specify which one is your preferred Daily Activity data provider.

Fitbit Sleep Data Syncs to Your Fitdigits App

One of the cool things about Fitbit Activity Trackers, is they also track lack of activity, otherwise known as sleep. If you have a Fitbit One (or other Fitbit tracker that can record sleep), it is pretty easy to track your ZZZ’s:

  1. Place the tracker into the slot on your wristband and wrap the wristband around your non-dominant wrist.
  2. Click to purchase the Fitbit One

  3. Once you are in bed and ready to fall asleep, press and hold the tracker’s button for 2+ seconds. You will see a stopwatch and the other icons blink, indicating that you are in sleep mode.
  4. When you wake up, hold the button down for 2+ seconds to stop the sleep recording. Your tracker’s icons will stop blinking to indicate you’ve exited sleep mode.
  5. Once you exit sleep mode, your Fitbit One will resume displaying your daily totals.
  6. Sleep records will show up on your Fitbit Dashboard the next time you sync your tracker. Last night’s sleep will appear on today’s page. Graphs on your Dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up. Over time, you can apply what you learn to help you sleep more soundly.

For quite some time Fitdigits has synced Fitbit sleep data to My.Fitdigits, but now the sleep data will sync right into your Fitdigits app! Just link your Fitbit account with Fitdigits, and then perform a sync. Once you have done so, you will be able to view your Fitbit sleep data in the app under Health -> Sleep Tracker.

Start recording and tracking your sleep with Fitbit and Fitdigits today!

Are you Having Trouble Syncing your Workouts?

Fitdigits Sync Issues & Errors
Here are some sync tips if your workouts are not synching, which is typically represented by a yellow heart next to the workout when viewing the workout from the Results tab that won’t go away after a standard sync, and an error when syncing.

There are few things to try and fix this. Before starting, you should go online at and login using the email you signed up with (located in your Profile section on the app), and see if the data is in the cloud. If so, it may only be a small part of the workout (notes or something like that) that has not synced or a field was not updated after sync.

  1. Try and locate the workouts in the Activities listing (the ones in the listing with the yellow hearts next to them – yellow hearts mean the workout is not synced to the cloud). If you see one, go into the details of them and edit the notes, change something there. Then tap Menu > Sync. That should re-initialize the workout for syncing and clear up the error / yellow heart if there isn’t a deeper issue.
  2. Sync Repair – the next thing would be to try a Sync Repair. You can do this through the app Menu > Support > Synchronization.  Tap ‘Sync Repair’.
  3. Sync Date Reset – if the above didn’t clear the issue, reset the dates of last sync. Tap Sync Date Reset then tap Menu > Sync again to true up the information synced with the cloud.

Fitdigits iOS Apps Sync Repair

Fitdigits Android Apps Sync Repair

Fitdigits Android Apps v3.x Sync Repair

If you still are having issues, on the sync log page it should display an error symbol on the subject (i.e. Blood Pressure, Workouts, etc.) that is not syncing. Tap on that subject and I pop up will display more information. Please send this information to Fitdigits Customer Support for further assistance. Let them know the app version (located on the bottom of the Settings page) and your user email, and any details you can provide.

As a final attempt, you can either install one of our other apps and login with your existing email and password, see if that cleans it up, or do a full delete and re-install.


Sync Fitdigits with the Fitbit Aria Scale

You can either link with your Fitbit Aria Scale on My Fitdigits or in the iOS version of Fitdigits vwithin the app so you can see your weight entries on My Fitdigits.

My Fitdigits

1. Login to with your Fitdigits username and password.
2. Tap Health -> Activity -> Link Accounts.
3. Enter your Fitbit login/email and password to authorize the link.

In App

1. Tap Health -> Health Partners
2. Tap Fitbit -> Link Account
3. Enter in your email address and password, and tap allow

Enter in your Fitbit login and password, and tap Allow

Tap Link Account

4. Tap Done in the upper right. Your account is now linked!

You now will see your Fitbit Aria weights on My Fitdigits!

Syncing Fitdigits Activities and Health Data

When you perform a Fitdigits “Sync”, Fitdigits will backup your health information, send data to partners, update profile information and some settings, as well as upload your data to, a wonderful way to view all of your activities on your computer big screen!

Syncing to the cloud also saves all of your workouts in case you ever accidentally delete your app, or want to view your workouts on multiple devices, whether Android or Apple iOS.

On iOS, activities will auto-sync when completed as long as there is an internet connection.

On Android you must manually sync, by either tapping Menu > Sync, or, if changing the Profile information, tap Sync on the top right of the profile page. If it is a recorded workout, you can also tap on the orange sync icon at the top right of the results detail page.

To sync information between devices, you must have all the apps registered (logged in) on all devices with the same username (email) and password. To see what email you are using on any given app, go to Menu > My Profile.

iOS & Android v4

1. From the home screen, tap Menu > Sync

If you have trouble syncing workouts, please check out our detailed article on Troubleshooting Sync Errors with Fitdigits.

Android v3.x

1. Open the Fitdigits app on your Android
2. Tap the Results tab on the top of the screen
3. Tap the sync button on the upper right hand side of the screen



Once it is synced to the cloud, you can view, filter, sort and manage your data on!