Sync Fitdigits with the Fitbit Aria Scale

You can either link with your Fitbit Aria Scale on My Fitdigits or in the iOS version of Fitdigits vwithin the app so you can see your weight entries on My Fitdigits.

My Fitdigits

1. Login to with your Fitdigits username and password.
2. Tap Health -> Activity -> Link Accounts.
3. Enter your Fitbit login/email and password to authorize the link.

In App

1. Tap Health -> Health Partners
2. Tap Fitbit -> Link Account
3. Enter in your email address and password, and tap allow

Enter in your Fitbit login and password, and tap Allow

Tap Link Account

4. Tap Done in the upper right. Your account is now linked!

You now will see your Fitbit Aria weights on My Fitdigits!

Syncing Fitdigits Activities and Health Data

When you perform a Fitdigits “Sync”, Fitdigits will backup your health information, send data to partners, update profile information and some settings, as well as upload your data to, a wonderful way to view all of your activities on your computer big screen!

Syncing to the cloud also saves all of your workouts in case you ever accidentally delete your app, or want to view your workouts on multiple devices, whether Android or Apple iOS.

On iOS, activities will auto-sync when completed as long as there is an internet connection.

On Android you must manually sync, by either tapping Menu > Sync, or, if changing the Profile information, tap Sync on the top right of the profile page. If it is a recorded workout, you can also tap on the orange sync icon at the top right of the results detail page.

To sync information between devices, you must have all the apps registered (logged in) on all devices with the same username (email) and password. To see what email you are using on any given app, go to Menu > My Profile.

iOS & Android v4

1. From the home screen, tap Menu > Sync

If you have trouble syncing workouts, please check out our detailed article on Troubleshooting Sync Errors with Fitdigits.

Android v3.x

1. Open the Fitdigits app on your Android
2. Tap the Results tab on the top of the screen
3. Tap the sync button on the upper right hand side of the screen



Once it is synced to the cloud, you can view, filter, sort and manage your data on!