Trouble Syncing your Workouts

Fitdigits Sync Issues & Errors
Here are some sync tips if your workouts are not synching, which is typically represented by a yellow heart next to the workout when viewing the workout from the Results tab that won’t go away after a standard sync, and an error when syncing.

There are few things to try and fix this. Before starting, you should go online at and login using the email you signed up with (located in your Profile section on the app), and see if the data is in the cloud. If so, it may only be a small part of the workout (notes or something like that) that has not synced or a field was not updated after sync.

  1. Try and locate the workouts in the Activities listing (the ones in the listing with the yellow hearts next to them – yellow hearts mean the workout is not synced to the cloud). If you see one, go into the details of them and edit the notes, change something there. Then tap Menu > Sync > Settings & Workouts. That should re-initialize the workout for syncing and clear up the error / yellow heart if there isn’t a deeper issue.
  2. Sync Repair – the next thing would be to try a Sync Repair. You can do this through the app Menu > Sync > Settings & Workouts > Advanced.  Tap ‘Sync Repair’.
  3. Sync Date Reset – if the above didn’t clear the issue, reset the dates of last sync. Tap Sync Date Reset then tap Menu > Sync again to true up the information synced with the cloud.

If you still are having issues, on the sync log page it should display an error symbol on the subject (i.e. Blood Pressure, Workouts, etc.) that is not syncing. Tap on that subject and I pop up will display more information. Please send this information to Fitdigits Customer Support for further assistance. Let them know the app version (located on the bottom of the Settings page) and your user email, and any details you can provide.

As a final attempt, you can either install one of our other apps and login with your existing email and password, see if that cleans it up, or do a full delete and re-install.