Fitdigits Apps Menu

Fitdigits Menu
  1. Profile (Name) – Set and edit your name, profile picture, height, and more.
  2. Messages – Get notifications from friends and family when they send LiveCheers(tm) or comment on your activities.
  3. Calendar – See your monthly or weekly activities and summaries
  4. Goals – Set goals for activity, steps, weight and more.
  5. Health Vitals – Keep track of weight, blood pressure, resting pulse, sleep and more. Connect with one of our many health partners or update manually.
  6. Friends – Set your profile, link with friends and family. Support from others on the path to health makes it more fun, engaging and more likely to become a lifestyle.
  7. Partners – Link and manage all your partners, daily activity and steps providers, and other health partners and providers.
  8. Teams – List and manage the teams and groups you belong to or start your own.
  9. Settings – View your app settings and customize them.
  10. Upgrades – This will show you your current memberships or allow you to upgrade for some great features and functionality.
  11. Sync – This syncs all of your data to the cloud and updates partner information. View your activities on
  12. Support – Email support, send a Debug log, read tips and tricks about using and troubleshooting the apps.