Profile Management

Access your Profile

Tap the three bar menu icon on the main home screen, then tap Profile / your name at the top

Desktop web:

Tap the Profile icon / Name in the top left corner (after logging in)

Profile Options / Account Settings

Name / Profile icon

Email address / username

Height (for calculating BMI)

Birthday / Age (for calculating heart rate zones and BMR)

Sex (for calorie calculations and BMR)

Units of Measure (US / Metric)

Reset Password

App Theme – App Mode – Light or Dark theme for your app and eyes!

Fitness Level / VO2 Max (for calculating calories)

Max Heart Rate (for calculating heart rate zones)

Delete Account (web only)

Preferred Daily Activity Provider* – Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin, Misfit etc
*Web only, see Partners section in iOS or Android

LiveTracking Options


Notification Settings 

Group Member Privacy & Sharing Permissions

Fitdigits Apps Menu & Navigation

Fitdigits now features a revamped user interface for iCardio, iRunner, iWalker and iBiker. The streamlined menu allows you to navigate throughout the app easily and quickly.

To access the menu, tap the three horizontal bars in the top left of the home screen.

Tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu

Tap the three horizontal bars to access the menu

After tapping, the menu will reveal. Let’s briefly go over all of the menu items

Heart rate training app navigation

  1. Profile / Name – Set and edit information like your name, profile picture, height, weight, fitness level, email and more.
  2. My Upgrades – This will show you your current purchases or allow you to upgrade for some great features and functionality.
  3. Activities – View a complete list of all workouts and activities tracked with Fitdigits.
  4. Daily Activity – View your steps and calories over small and large periods of time when paired with Apple Health, Google Fit or one of our other daily activity providers.
  5. Goals – Set goals for activity, steps, weight and more.
  6. Health Vitals – Keep track of weight, blood pressure, resting pulse, sleep and connect, either manually entered or through our health partners.
  7. Groups – List and manage the groups you belong to or start your own group if you are a Star member.
  8. Partners – Link and manage all your partners, daily activity and steps providers, and other health partners and providers.
  9. Sensors – Go here to pair and manage compatible Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors.
  10. Sync – This syncs all of your data to make sure there is a safe backup and so you can view workouts on
  11. Settings – View your app settings and customize them.
  12. Support – Email support, send a Debug log, read tips and tricks about using and troubleshooting the apps.

Where did Fitness Assessments go? 

Since the activity you do the Fitness Assessment in is so critical to the assessment, access them from the gear / options icon to the left of the quick start button when you are in the home screen with the activity type you want to do the assessment with selected.