No More BP Meds – How I Convinced My Doctor

by Keith M., Fitdigits user.

This morning at the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was elevated at 140/127. Given this, my doctor wanted to know “Why did you go off your blood pressure medicine?”

I show her all of my Fitdigits blood pressure records which reflect that my blood pressure is just fine. She is skeptical, “I don’t know if your BP machine is calibrated.”

I explain, “I have been spreading my BP tests around at different places. I strongly suspect that your nursing assistants are taking my readings high and I do not want to take BP medicine just because you think I am borderline.”

She concludes that my current elevated BP reading is a result of taking over the counter sinus and allergy medication.

She wants to know more about other areas of my health.

“Since fast foods were not doing me so good, I switched to a vegan, no dairy, no meat diet, and here look at the exercise I’ve been doing.” I show her my workout results in Fitdigits.

She reviews my progress over the last three months, “You lost 20 pounds! Ok, lets try taking you off the cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of this cycle and we will test you in three months.”

Cool…no meds is good! The more documentation the better your credibility and Fitdigits helped me prove my progress.

The Fastest Way to Lose 5, 10 or 20 Pounds

I read a great article in Women’s Health Magazine which explains that all workouts are not created equal. The bottom line: choose your workouts based on your goal. The article not only offers an explanation, it outlines the workout routine for each goal. Read the full article “How to lose 5, 10 or 20 pounds” by Lara Rosenbaum. I’ve highlighted a few key points below.

To Lose 20 pounds: “The more you weight, the more calories you burn during easier workouts, like brisk walking. So a small, consistent effort will help you shed pounds early on and seeing those quick results will motivate you to stay on track.” See the fitness routine.

To Lose 10 pounds: “Strength training is key. Adding resistance builds muscle and helps you burn more calories during (and after!) your workout. In fact, researchers found that women who did strength training increased their resting metabolic rate (the calories your body needs to get through the day).” See the fitness routine.

To Lose 5 pounds: “The hardest goal of all to achieve. A surefire solution: plyometrics. These explosive moves are great muscle builders, get your heart rate up, and work multiple muscles at a time—all of which leads to an extreme calorie burn.” See the fitness routine.

I shared this article with Dr. Fitdigits (Brandon) who has a lot of experience with weight lifting and Brandon concurs, “When you have a lot of weight to lose but not much muscle, it’s best to start with body weight exercise. If you already have muscle but still need to lose that last few pounds, quick movements (plyometrics) instead of lifting heavy weights is the best way to go.”

To track heart rate and caloric burn for these workouts, set your Fitdigits heart rate monitor to Cardio. Let us know if this advice has helped you.