Why You Should Know, and Track, Your Fitness Level

Fitness assessments and knowing your fitness level (VO2 Max) provides an insight into your body, especially your fitness and cardio systems. As a general rule, most people have no idea about their true level of cardio fitness relative to others.

Assessments help you determine, at any given point in time, how fit you are compared to others your same age. They are designed to help you monitor your fitness levels, as well as create and evolve your heart rate zones and pace zones over time.

Knowing Your VO2 Max
VO2 Max is the Velocity of Oxygen you can pump through your systems, and the standard measure of cardiovascular fitness. Really, a big portion of measuring fitness levels and performance, even calorie calculations, has a ton to do with VO2 Max. We try and make it more user friendly, but this tends to be the base. How much Oxygen can you process?

Health Issues or Major Weight Loss
When you are just starting, you can establish a baseline of fitness. Pay attention to any potential issues or problems associated with your exercise by monitoring your heart rate. more

Losing Weight
Fit trumps Fat! For those concerned primarily about losing weight, assessments can help develop the most accurate calorie calculations, as well as design heart rate zones and activities around carbohydrate vs. fat burn. Remember, even what some call overweight people reduce the risks of health issues with healthy hearts and cardiovascular systems. more

Being Fit & Healthy
Assessments offer custom heart rate and pace zones, supporting your current levels of fitness. It just feels good when you know things are set to, well, be you. It can also show if a particular exercise program is working or not, and potential refinements and improvements. more

Optimizing Fitness
If you are looking to get better at the activity you’ve chosen, the ability to determine your own and set appropriate heart rate training zones┬áis probably one of the most critical things you can do. How can you design a plan to improve if you don’t know your bodies current parameters! more

Assessments give you a baseline of fitness, a gauge of whether the training you are doing is working or not.

Assessments are typically done at the beginning, perhaps again in the middle of the training season, then again near the end to see progress and make intelligent decisions based on these findings.

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