Creating Interval Structured Workouts with Fitdigits

Whether doing HIIT or long slow intervals (start slow then taper lol), interval-based exercise has been shown to help you define the best workout to meet your goals.A Member feature!

If your goal is to workout with intention, this is the place for you.

Once you’ve established your heart rate zones and pace zones (ideally created by using one of our fitness assessments – every body is unique), you can turn them into your own personal workout guide. Plan your recovery runs and rides, your tempo days, and so much more.

Structured Workouts

Managing and Creating an Interval Structured Workout

  1. Choose the Activity you want to create a Structured Workout for
  2. Tap the activity options (gear) icon
  3. Tap Structured Workouts

The apps come with some stock routines, targeting different heart rate zones and outcomes, that make a good base for workouts.

Launch Routine

Start Structured Workout
  1. Tap the routine name
  2. Tap the Play button

Edit Routine

  1. Tap Menu (upper right)
  2. Tap Edit.

Creating or Editing Interval Structured Workouts

We support traditional Time & Distance based, or Music based, structured workouts.

Video: Creating a Heart Rate Zone Based Workout
  1. Tap the Menu icon in the top right of the Structured Workout view
  2. Tap the type of Structured Workouts you’d like to create:
    • Heart Rate Zones – based on time or distance in a particular heart rate zone. Perfect for HIIT workouts, LSD, true tempo
    • Pace Zones – based on speed/pace zones, time or distance in those zones.
    • Music Based – either Heart or Pace based structured by matching zones with songs or playlists in iTunes.
  3. Tap Name and add a description of the workout. (Video: Currently in development – set a YouTube video to play along with the routine – stay tuned for some fun stuff! )
  4. Set whether the interval will be measured by Time or Distance. If you chose to create a music based routine, it will prompt you for either a playlist or song.
  5. Select the Zone you would like to target for that segment
  6. To add more intervals for that series, or more another series, repeat the above. Check out our Guide on designing fun, effective and interesting interval workouts for more on building fun and effective routines.
  7. Choose if you want to automatically start Recovery once the workout is complete, and / or to automatically End once complete.
  8. Tap Save in the upper right.  

Structured Workout Coaching Settings

The apps provide audio and visual coaching during workout routines. Transitions prompts will popup a notification at the pre-determined time determined by the Prompt Pre-transition. The popup will show for the amount of time specified in the Prompt Duration.

Zone Transition Prompts

When a Structured Workout is done with distance, the average Pace of the specified Zone will be used to calculate the trigger time. If it is a heart rate zone, the equivalent pace zone speed will be used.

If Transition Prompts are active, and Voice Feedback is on, you will hear the equivalent audio based prompts to either speed up or slow down to the respective zones.

Target Zone Coaching

When you have created a Structured Workout with Target Zones, you can also turn on Target Zone Coaching in the Activity type audio Feedback area. This will let you know whether you are IN, ABOVE, or BELOW target zone every time period you set (from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes apart). 

The information about the zone is controlled by the same options as in your Zone Transition Alerts, and can include Zone Number, Zone Name, and Zone Range. Some of these options are available only with Advanced Voice Type selected. You can remove notifications about being IN target in this section as well. 

Next: Guide on designing fun, effective and interesting interval workouts 

Advanced Audio Coaching 

Determining Heart Rate Zones and Pace Zones with Fitness Assessments