May 2018 Update: Weather, Power & Watts Support, Apple Watch

Cold, hot or just right? How temperature affects your exercise.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Bless all those in uniform, current and past, who allow us to be where we are today. So many of my personal friends and family I need to thank, I am grateful and blessed.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, time for winding up of school years and thinking about fun in the sun activities. It’s the perfect time for barbecue and working out!

With summer comes temperature changes. Temperature has such a significant impact on performance when it comes to working out, which is why we’ve now released a great new feature for members – Weather! We now automatically add weather and local temperature to your tracked activities. Wonder why your heart rate was more elevated last weekend? Maybe because it was over 90 degrees out? Now you’ll know and track it with everything else.

But that isn’t all. We added Power / Watts support for our cycling friends out there, in the spirit of the totally inspiring Amgen Tour of California. Those guys are amazing! They even came through our home town of Ventura this year. It was fun watching them ride through our neighborhoods with the rest of the Fitdigits team.

We’ve also released updates to our debug logs (to make tracking down those hard-to-pin-down issues easier), and a bunch of other fixes and improvements.

Next up for the next iOS releases, look for Power Zones support, now in beta. We’re also getting our feet wet with a Spanish version (looking for beta testers btw :), and adding Strava as a share partner. The real big news though is Apple Watch stand-alone officially hit Alpha, and it looks great!

On the Android side, we are putting the final touches on custom dashboards as we get ready to expand the different workout sensor types supported. Totally revamped, you can choose between one and many metrics on any given dashboard and add as many as you want. Currently in beta, this gives you the ultimate control over what data you want to see in your workouts.

We enjoy serving you, and look forward to a long and healthy journey together.

Chris & Team Fitdigits