Weather & Workouts

Whether there is Weather is not the question. Of course there is weather. And for all our subscribing members, we give it to you!

iCardio Now Supports Weather!A lot of things about your workout is affected by the weather, but until now it has been tough to track it with the workout. We’ve long provided the general weather – cloudy, sunny, raining, even indoors (for many) and more. But now you get the temperature as well for every workout. That way you, your groups and coaches all have more insight into just what the workout was like.

In fact, just knowing the temperature can help you customize your effort levels accordingly.

Slower than normal, higher heart rate, but done in 90 degree heat? To be expected.When it is hot, you need to adjust your efforts. As the Mayo Clinic points out:

“To help cool itself, your body sends more blood to circulate through your skin. This leaves less blood for your muscles, which in turn increases your heart rate. If the humidity also is high, your body faces added stress because sweat doesn’t readily evaporate from your skin. That pushes your body temperature even higher.”

The same is true for cooler weather. You need to adapt. Remember you don’t want to reduce your fluid consumption.

Sweating rates are lower in the cold than in the heat, but cold weather exercise can still be dehydrating. Water is lost from the respiratory system at a higher rate on cold days, and exposure to cold air can increase urine production. The cold air can also make you feel less thirsty, which can result in dehydration, damaging your performance and making it harder to stay warm [1]. Even more tips and information for weather can be found all over the internet. Check out this fun article from Bustle on weather and workouts Рeven includes a gratuitous puppy picture.

Weather added to workoutsBasics of Weather on Fitdigits Apps

On the start of the workout, we will ping weather servers for your location weather. We promise we won’t hold up the workout waiting for the results, as sometimes the servers can take a bit, and we know you want to get going, but we’ll give it a shot. It is good to know.

After the workout is complete, you can see the temperature in the Notes page. We default to the weather type indicated from the servers as well if we received a response. We do realize there is no job harder / easier than weather, partly due to how difficult it is to get accurately in any given situation, so we also give you the ability to edit both the overall weather icon as well as the temperature. Editing is currently only on the web, but coming very shortly to the app too, expected by the end of May, 2018.