July Update: Open LiveTracking, New Graphs & Results

Are you sweating like we are? It has been one hot summer here. And not just because we now include temperature with our workouts. We’ve also got some hot new releases just finished rolling out this month. 🙂

I did my first half-marathon in a long while last week and just about collapsed, the heat was killer, and I think I went out too fast for the heat. According to iCardio I finished in 1:59:58, but official time ended up being 2:00:01 – so close. Still, a shiny new medal and a sense of accomplishment. I’ll take it and call it an excellent weekend!

App Releases Hot Off the Press

Apple | New Graphs
Hot off the heals of Power Sensors and Power Zones support, we’ve added trend lines and current readings to our graphs. A great way to easily judge your averages over each lap, and keep yourself on target!  A personal favorite feature, for sure.

We haven’t got the Apple Watch stand alone out yet, but continue to work hard to put the finishing polish on it. We’ll keep you posted.

Android | Custom Dashboards & More
Show you what you want, the way you want it. Yeah baby. A new, very powerful custom dashboard feature comes to Android.  One stat or many, you get what you need. We’ve also added auto-swipe for screens, which is great when in the gym or Spinning® class. Check it out and let us know what you think!

LiveTracking | Open Tracking
Track your workouts and have your friends and family join in without having to log in – new on my.fitdigits.com profile Account Settings. Star members set your LiveTracking sessions on Open, and the link you can share (or not) is open to anyone you share it with, no login or account required.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love and to serve you. We appreciate you being on the health journey with us. Stay strong and keep cool when you can, but remember sweat is good too!

Chris & Team Fitdigits