6 Apps That Curb Calories

By Andrea Woroch, Consumer & Money Saving Advisor

Losing weight is all about calories consumed verse calories burned, along with a healthy fitness and nutrition program. Though a simple formula, so many people fail in the food area because they have no idea how many calories they should consume based on their current weight and goal. Nor do they know how to track the number of calories they are actually eating/drinking or burning each day and during each workout. Thanks to technology though, you no longer have to rely on a pencil and calculator to figure out the daunting caloric math.

Here are 6 mobile apps to help you curb calories for good.


Lose It! App lets you set a daily calorie budget and record food intake and exercise. It includes a comprehensive database of edibles and activities to track nutrients too, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and more.

Fitdigits offers a suit of apps and wireless sensors that track important health metrics like caloric burn and heart rate during any workout activity like cardio, Spinning, running and more. Use this data to manage your daily calories more accurately and for motivation to kick up your workout when you’ve eaten too much or have a big dinner planned.

Smoothie Selector features 100 healthy smoothie recipes for pre- and post-workout nutrition categorized by various benefits like building muscling or weight loss.

Mint Nutrition is ideal for dining out. Search for and log food at favorite restaurants to keep track of calories on-the-go. Once you see the actually calories count for your favorite dish, you may reconsider a healthier option.

FoodPlannerLite is weekly meal planning app that provides more than 7,000 food items with nutritional values and calorie count per serving. Add each item to your weekly shopping list and digital menu for easy tracking.

Meal Snap analyzes food images taken with your smartphone and instantly provides a list of ingredients with the total number of calories you are about to consume.

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