More Sun = Outdoor Fun

74497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_03On March 8th many around the globe turned their clocks back, ushering in the era of an extra hour of sunlight. Now that the weather is being more reasonable and it is sunny until 7 pm, it is time to leave the drab and dingy gym and get outdoors! The sun beckons, so answer the call and go on a vitamin D spree, burning some calories in the process.

Shape has a great article that features 10 New Outdoor Workout Ideas. The article offers you a grab-bag of fun and exciting ways to break a sweat outside. From Paddleboarding to a Fitness Scavenger hunt, this article is sure to stir up some ideas in the old noggin.

Track it all with Fitdigits! Fitdigits will map your route, and provide other interesting stats and charts.

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