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One of the biggest perks of exercising with your phone, besides tracking your workouts with a Fitdigits app, is using all of the awesome audio functionality that the mini-computer we now call smart phones have to offer. Be it jamming to your favorite Google Play playlist, exploring new music on Spotify, or being enthralled by an intriguing podcast, your phone offers you a myriad of options to entertain yourself while working out.

On top of that, Fitdigits apps have some unique audio functionality of its own. Voice feedback gives you a verbal summary of your workout thus far at pre-defined intervals, allowing you to adjust your workout as necessary to meet your goals.

I. Music, Podcasts & Other Audio

Your best option for music is using the music app of your choice by simply minimizing the Fitdigits app in the background (typically the home button in the center bottom of your Android device) and launching the app of choice. Fitdigits apps will work in the background as you browse through your other apps. See below on how to turn on other voice prompts and settings for when you are in your workouts.

Workout Voice Feedback

Fitdigits, using shrink ray technology perfected in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, has inserted a built in personal trainer right into your phone! Voice feedback gives your real time stats on your workout, based on pre-defined intervals. There are some settings as default, but each activity type does have it’s own settings you can customize.

First things first, let’s turn voice feedback on, or make sure it is turned on.

  1. From the home screen, choose the activity type you want to modify audio settings for, then tap the Workout Options (gear icon)
  2. Tap Audio & Voice Settings
Audio & Voice Settings

Voice Feedback Options

  1. Voice Feedback (Enabled / Disabled)
  2. Voice Type (Male / Female / Advanced) – see more on Setting An Advanced Voice
  3. Volume Control – this will set the volume of the voice feedback relative to other audio going on in the app.
Fitdigits Audio & Voice Settings

Heart Zone Transition Voice Alerts

  1. Zone Name – this tells the app whether to say the Zone Name when giving feedback (Aerobic, Anaerobic, etc.) – Advanced Voice Only
  2. Zone Number – this tells the app whether to say the Zone Number when giving feedback (Zone 1, Zone 2, etc)
  3. Zone Range – this tells the app whether to say the actual BPM that is associated with the Zone, for example “from 100 to 128”. Sometimes people want to hear the zone BPM ranges so they learn at first their zones, and know the direction. Once you have a good feeling and are comfortable with your zones, sometimes it is nice to only hear the zone number rather than the full information.
More Fitdigits Apps Audio & Voice Settings

Other Voice Alert Triggers

While it is apparent that if you want to be told Heart Rate Zone changes you are going through in your workout from the settings above, there are other things you can set to “trigger” different audio / voice alerts. This is your chosen interval for when you will hear voice feedback.

You can choose to have voice feedback come in when you you reach a certain amount of calories, elapsed time, and/or distance. For this example, I have chosen to have voice feedback triggered when I travel 1/4 of a mile.

  1. Calories
  2. Elapsed Time
  3. Distance
  4. Manually triggering voice feedback – If you cannot wait for the trigger, at any point during a workout, you can hear voice feedback by double tapping the middle of your screen when you viewing the workout dashboard.

Spoken when Triggered

The final option is what you want spoken when you reach the trigger. I have left all options turned on- I will get my current heart rate, calories burned, distance, time and pace. If you have music or other audio playing, when voice feedback occurs it will dim so you can hear the stats over your music or other audio.

  1. Current BPM
  2. Average BPM
  3. Calories
  4. Distance
  5. Time
  6. Speed / Pace (this will speak your Current and Average Speed / Pace)

In-Workout Settings

You also have the ability to make some small adjustments to voice feedback once you have started a workout. If you find yourself in a gym without headphones and want to turn voice feedback off, merely tap the gear icon in the lower right, and switch “Voice Feedback” to OFF.

You will also see an “Audio” volume slider. This is the volume of the voice feedback, and will not change the volume of the rest of your phone. Tap the back button at the top, the back button on the phone or the gear icon you originally tapped to go back to your workouts screens.

Fitdigits In Workout Audio Options