The Other Workout Type

If your favorite workout type is missing from our list, use the “Other” workout type to customize.

To create an “Other” workout type:

  1. Swipe the activity carousel to “Try Something New” – tap the icon
  2. OR – Long tap the Activity Icon on the home screen, a quick-list of activity types will pop up, at the bottom tap “Manage Activities”
  3. Scroll to the Other workout type in the activity options list and tap it
  4. Type in the name of the workout type (Wrestling in the screenshot). Tap Save
  5. The new workout type will be added to the “Manage Activity Types” list, and will automatically have a check next to it
  6. Tap Done, then the back button to return to the Home Screen
  7. Swipe until you reach your new workout type. Now you are ready to go!



Tap the play button to start a workout.

If you want to remove the workout type from the home screen, tap Menu > Settings > Manage Favorites > “Wrestling”, so the check mark no longer shows next to it.