Add Photos & Pictures to Your Tracked Activities

It is about 5:30 pm and you are taking a nice jog on the beach when you are overcome by an exceptionally sublime sunset. You have been tracking your run with Fitdigits, and you feel as if this moment should be a part of your workout records. With Fitdigits, it will be.

Be it the beach, woods, desert, gym or track, Fitdigits now can record a visual reminder of your workout with the ability to take a picture during your workout. To do so:

1. Start a workout
2. Tap the workout options gear, found in the lower right
3. Tap Camera
4. When you are ready to take your picture, tap the camera icon (Depending on your device, you may have the option to zoom in, use flash, or take a self portrait)
5. If you are satisfied with the picture, tap “Use”. If not, tap “Retake” to take a new picture
6. You will be returned to your workout after you tap “Use”

Fitdigits iOS in-workout photos


Your photo will now be in your activity results. To view, swipe from right to left.

You can also view and share the activity and pictures on View a map that shows exactly where you took the picture, along with the pictures right below. Click on a picture to see it bigger and step through the memories!

For Star Members, you can also upload photos even after your activity, to keep a more detailed pictorial of your adventures, races, and social experiences tracked. So fun to come back to!

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