Setup Your Bike With Fitdigits

In the past, Fitdigits only offered a selection of preset Cycle choices, but our dedicated Fitdigits users wrote and called in, requesting the ability to manually enter in the wheel circumference because some bikes were not listed. You talked and Fitdigits listened. To add a custom wheel circumference:

1. Go to the Home Screen and Tap “Bike” so it is in the middle of the screen and highlighted
2. Tap the Gear / Setup icon in the lower left of the activity
3. Tap Bike Options > Cycle Choice > Add a Bike
4. Give it a custom name if you want in the Cycle description field
5. Tap Wheel Size to set the wheel size
6. If desired, edit the wheel circumference and type in your wheel circumference in millimeters to get down to the mm in calibration.
7. Tap Save

Cycle Choice

Also available, set up your bike and calibrate a Speed and Cadence Sensor, get your RPM and cadence down to a science with our great graphs and data.