Settings – Chart and Map Metrics (iOS)

Chart and Map metrics is one of the settings you can utilize in iRunner, iCardio or iBiker to see the metrics that they would like above the heart rate chart, map and other charts. Customize metrics above the charts in Fitdigits AppsYou can customize and select your two most important metrics, whether it is % of Max Heart Rate, BPM, pace, calories per minute, calories, distance – or almost any metric we record.

To change the Chart and Map Metrics:

  1. On the home screen, tap the Activity options Gear > Dashboards & Zones > Chart & Map Metrics.
  2. Tap the metric bar to go to edit mode.
  3. Tap the Left Metric or Right Metric and choose the option you would like to see. Hit the back button when done. At the main Edit Map & Chart Metrics screen, tap Save to save your changes.

For other options and preferences available by activity type, see the following on editing Voice Feedback, Laps, Dashboards, your Chart and Map metrics, Heart Rate Zones and Pace Zones. You can also learn more about overall App Settings like Zone Alerts and Prompts, customizing your home screen, or Auto Pause, or managing Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) and other sensors.