Reset or Change My Fitdigits Password

Nowadays people have a lot on their mind, and sometimes a crucial piece of information (say your Fitdigits account password) can fall through the cracks. Never fear, a solution is here! In a few easy steps, you can have a brand new system generated password sent straight to your email inbox.


To change your password on

We realize that the system passwords we send out are unique and more complex than most would like, so we do give you the ability to then reset your password to anything you like by going online to To change your password:

Reset password on the Profile page1. Go to My Fitdigits
2. Log in using your Fitdigits username and your new system generated password
3. Click Profile (the icon in the upper right corner)
4. Click Change password in the sub-navigation, enter in your old password and what you want the new password to be (see screenshot)
5. Click Change Password and you will get a password changed confirmation.


iOS / Android Apps 

Logged In

  1. Open the app, tap Menu > Profile (Name)
  2. Tap Reset Password at the bottom of the MY ACCOUNT section
  3. Confirm email and tap Reset Password

Logged Out

  1. Download / Install the App
  2. Tap Login
  3. Tap Forgot Password (Help on Android)
  4. Enter the email you used when you originally signed up
  5. Tap Send and an email with reset instructions will be sent to that email
NOTE: Make sure to check your SPAM folder!

If you are having trouble with reseting or changing a password – either never receiving the email with a temporary password, or the reset functionality  isn’t working for you, we have recently updated the reset/change password functionality, so you should find it easier, but if there is still issues, we have a few suggestions to help.

Check Your Spam

Sometimes the reset password email can go straight to your Spam folder. Make sure to check here if you cannot find the reset password email in your inbox.

Contact Support

If you still have trouble getting the email and can’t login, email support – ideally, in your App, tap Menu > Support > Email Support. Include in the email your Fitdigits username/email, and we can change it for you.