Pair a Bluetooth Low Energy Cadence Sensor

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Fitdigits apps are compatible with the Spinning Cadence SensorWahoo RPM Cadence Sensor and other Bluetooth Low Energy compatible cadence sensors like Bryton, Polar, CycleOps and more. Now you can use the sensor to accurately track your Spinning / Indoor Cycling cadence, or use the sensor to track a bike ride while using GPS to track speed and distance. You must have a Bluetooth Smart compatible device to pair.

  1. Install your Cadence Sensor on your bike or Spinning Bike
  2. Push the pedals in order to activate the sensor
  3. Open the Fitdigits app and go to Menu > Settings > Sensors
  4. Scroll down to “Cadence” hit the + button
  5. The app should scan and find the active cadence sensor. Tap OK to pair

You are now paired! Begin a Spinning or Bike workout to get real time cadence. Check out DC Rainmaker’s post on “How to get and record cadence information on a spin or gym bike” for tips on how to utilize the RPM Cadence Sensor on a bike – pretty cool stuff.