Pair Your Bluetooth Low Energy Speed & Cadence Sensor

Fitdigits iOS apps are compatible with the Wahoo Blue Speed and Cadence Sensor, the Scosche Speed/Cadence sensor, and other Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE / BT 4.0 / BT Smart) Speed and Cadence sensors. See Compatibility.

Pair a Speed & Cadence Sensor

  1. Install your Speed and Cadence Sensor on to your Outdoor Bike
  2. Open your Fitdigits app and go to Menu > Settings > Sensors, and scroll down to Speed + Cadence.
  3. Move the pedals on your Bike with the installed sensor. This will turn on the sensor
  4. Turn Bluetooth Smart under Speed + Cadence to ON. It will now search for the sensors
  5. It will find the sensor and assign a sensor ID.

Calibrate the Speed & Cadence Sensor

Calibrate your Speed and Cadence Sensor with GPS, similar to the way you calibrate a foot pod. Once you have the sensor installed and paired, tap Menu > Sensors, and under Speed + Cadence tap Calibration (Note: this will only appear if S+C is turned on).

On the cycle calibration page, the process is the same as calibrating a foot pod. Enter in your Calibration factor, and all bike workouts will now use this calibration factor during workouts.

When setting up a Speed & Cadence sensor like the Wahoo pictured above, make sure the magnet on the pedal crank arm is lined up to the notch on the main head, and within just a few millimeters of the notch when passing by. The adjustable arm on the other side should be angled down (not up) and there is a notch on it that should also be aligned with the magnet on the wheel spokes as it passes by, also spaced at most within a few millimeters of the arm notch.

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