Enabling Location Services (GPS) on Your iOS Device

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Fitdigits apps use Location Based Services to map your route and can also be used to track pace, speed and distance for outdoor runs and rides. However, these services are of little use if you have not enabled your app to use Location Services on your iOS device.

When you first installed the app, you were prompted to accept the permission for the app to use location services from the device. If you tapped that you would have permissions.

However, sometimes things happen. To see if you have Location Services permissions on within the device, see Enabling Location Services below.

Please also note that if you are inside or in a remote or urban jungle area, Location Services can be difficult to obtain high enough quality to track, for example between buildings the GPS satellite signals sometimes don’t make it through.

Try to make sure you try getting the signal in an open place and not indoors. Note that location services typically needs access to satellites, trying to run location services inside a building or enclosed space can cause issues or non-responsiveness.

If the app can not pick up a signal, you can check the settings. Setting up your app to use Location Services is a two step process.

The first step is making sure that Location Services is turned ON in the app itself

  1. From the app home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap My Sensors
  3. Verify that Location is turned ON, and make sure there is no RED text stating Location is not enabled in the device.

The second step is making sure that Location Services is turned ON for the activity type you are doing

  1. Swipe or quick select so the type of activity you want to track location for is showing on the home screen
  2. Tap the Activity Options (gear) below the Activity icon
  3. If the location icon is grey, tap it to turn it yellow (indicating on)
  4. If there is no location icon, the activity type does not support location tracking (some activities are indoor, and do not support gps location tracking. If you would like to track location with them, consider setting up an Other Workout Type).

Enabling Location Services / GPS in Device Settings

  1. Tap Settings from your iPhone home screen
  2. Tap Privacy > Location Services
  3. Locate the app icon > tap While In Use for the app

Enabling Background App Refresh

  1. Tap Settings from your iPhone home screen
  2. Tap General > Background App Refresh
  3. Locate the app icon > tap ON for the app

Types of GPS Issues

  1.  Lost GPS
  2. Jumpy / Spiked GPS
  3. GPS Drift

Solutions / Suggestions

  1. Keep your device in the open, not in deep pockets or packs
  2. Watch out for Urban Jungles or Canyons, covered areas with thick foliage
  3. Be outside in an open, unobstructed area
  4. Force Close any other apps that might be open in the background taking up resources
  5. Give the device more time to get a good GPS lock
  6. Reboot your Phone. Turn it completely off and on.
  7. Hard Reboot your Phone – Sometimes this takes a reboot to the next level – press and hold the Sleep / Wake button and the Home button at the same time for around 10 seconds or more, then release when the apple logo shows.
  8. Disable, then re-enable GPS permissions (see above)
  9. Make sure Airplane Mode is off. In the device Settings > Airplane Mode. Toggle the switch On and Off
  10. Turn off Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi can sometimes decrease GPS accuracy or create network data conflicts.
  11. Make sure the Date and Time are set to Automatic in the device settings. Go to device Settings > General > Date & Time and select Automatically
  12. Check Network Signal – a poor signal can adversely effect GPS quality and readings
  13. Reset Network Settings – sometimes network settings are updated over the air to your device which adversely affects GPS. Note please this one will require re-inputting your wifi and other passwords after completing it. Go to device Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Tap confirm.
  14. Make sure the iOS is up to date. Go to device Settings > General > Software Update and make sure you are at the most updated version for your device.
  15. Look for battery or memory management apps and adjust settings. Some devices have 3rd party apps like Advanced Task Killer and Juice Defender that can kill the workout in the background. Remove or adjust settings in these apps.

If things are still not working, and there is GPS being received on other apps like Google Maps (thus showing there is satellites / location working on the device in the area), one other option is to download one of our other products – click here: 

iCardio | iRunner iBiker

Login with the same email / account (you can see what email you used in Settings>Profile), and all your information and purchases will sync with the cloud.

It may just get the right permissions or at least start fresh and do the trick.   More on GPS / Troubleshooting

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