Working with Heart Rate Zones – Audio & Visual Coaching

Fitdigits apps support many options for managing your visual and audio coaching options, especially around Zones and Zone Transitions. For the best experience you should use the Advanced voice type

Audio Coaching – Zone Transitions

Audio Coaching Settings

Set audio coaching options per activity type from the home screen by tapping the Activity Options (gear) > Audio & Voice.

  • Zone Transitions: Turns on or off the options below for Zone Transitions.
  • Zone Number: Announce the zone number on transition.
  • Zone Name*: Star members – announce the zone name on transition. Works with custom zone names too, which can make for some cool coaching – “In the Go Zone!” 😉
  • Zone Range: Announce the range associated with the zone on transition.

As you learn more about your heart rate, this becomes less necessary, however the way the range is said, in either descending or ascending order, matches the direction of the transition. For example “Entering Zone 1 from 118 to 98” means you went from above Zone 1 down to Zone 1, If the numbers were read as “98 to 118” it indicates you are rising into the zone.

After a while zone ranges can be a bit verbose, so many will shut them off and just hear the zone number (or name*) spoken as they change zones.

Visual Coaching – Zone Transitions

Heart Zone Visual Coaching

Visual Alerts for heart rate zone transitions are found in the Heart Rate Zones section (Gear (Activity Options) > Dashboards & Zones > Heart Rate Zones.

  • Popup Alert: Do you want to be visually prompted when you change zones? Yes / No
  • Popup Duration: How long should the visual alert show?
  • Audio Alert: Do you want to be prompted by a chime when you change zones? Yes / No
  • Local Notifications: Do you want local notifications (when the app is in the background) to show when you change zones? Yes / No

Structured Workouts – Target Zone Transition Coaching

For iOS users who are doing Interval Structured Workouts, different options for prompts in change of zones are available, bot for heart rate or pace zone transitions.

Structured Routine Audio Coaching

Visual Coaching

Tap Activity Options (gear) > Workout Routines. Scroll to the bottom.

  • Transition Prompt: Do you want to be prompted when a scheduled transition is coming up (visual and audio)? Yes / No
  • Prompt Pre-Transition: How long before the transition would you like to hear “get ready to transition” – in seconds. Some like more lead time than others.
  • Prompt Duration: How long the visual prompt should appear when it pops up, in seconds

Audio Coaching

Tap Activity Options (gear) > Audio & Voice. Tap the Target Zone Coaching option. Set how often, or never, to receive updates on how you are doing relative to your target zones, in addition to the normal above or below zone notifications when you initially go outside of the target zone. Coaching can range from every 30 seconds to every 5 minutes.

Target Zone Audio Coaching

Once set on, you also have option to turn off “Include In Target”, which is the option for notifications when you are in the zone, as confirmation, and just be reminded if you are outside your current target zone.

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