Delete a Fitdigits Activity

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If you wanted to just run a test workout or simply want to get rid of a workout, you can delete it, whether you are on an iOS device, Android or on the Web.


1. Tap Menu > Activities
2. Tap the edit button in the upper right
3. Tap the minus sign next to the workout you wish to delete
4. Tap the red delete box next to the workout
5. Tap done

You may also delete a workout on iOS by tapping on the details of the workout, swiping to the Notes page, and tapping Delete on that screen. \

Deleting Workouts - iOS
Deleting Workouts – iOS

Note the results feed on the main screen is not the results listing shown above. To refresh the Activity Feed on the main page, first swipe it up to full screen. Then swipe / pull down at least half way down the screen and hold for a split second. You will notice that the blue at the top has a bit of a pause, refreshing the feed from the servers, before it pops back up.

Refresh activity feed


1. Tap Results (v3.x) or tap Menu > Activities (v4.x)
2. Tap and hold the workout you wish to delete
3. Tap “OK”

Delete workouts - Android
Delete workouts – Android

To save the changes on the cloud, make sure to sync!

Online/Web at
1. Go to the detail page for the workout you wish to delete.
2. Tap the red (x) symbol
3. Tap “OK”

Delete workouts online
Delete workouts online

delete workouts online2

Again, just to make everything in sync, remember to Sync on your devices to pull the updated information and results down!

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