Mark Laps and Customize Split Intervals

If you run at the track, or have ever used a lap button to mark your half-way split or other marked point in time or place, you likely know how helpful interval functionality can be.

With Fitdigits, your options are as flexible as a woman’s elite gymnast. Set custom splits for your workouts, either by distance or time, set a lap marker at just about any time, or even dedicate an entire screen to nothing but a lap button and lap information, perfect for custom high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Mark an INTERVAL / Lap Anytime

  1. While in the workout, tap the gear icon in the lower right side
  2. Tap the Interval / Lap button

Mark an Interval

Add a Dedicated INTERVAL Screen

To turn intervals / laps on so you have a dedicated lap-oriented screen, complete with a large lap button:

  1. Tap the gear / settings icon for the activity type
  2. Tap Intervals
  3. Tap Interval Screen to turn on the dedicated view. When in the workout, swipe to view the dedicated interval view.

Auto Lap / Splits Preferences

To set automatically recorded and announced splits / laps by distance, time, or not at all, access laps settings like above.

  1. Tap the gear / settings icon for the activity type
  2. Tap Intervals

Set auto-lap markers by Distance or Time (or Off). Depending on the choice there, set the distance or time interval you want to track in the rows below.

Below the Auto Lap triggers is the type of alert you want to receive. Vibrate, chime, pop-up alert (visual) or Local Notifications (iOS only) are all options. Local notifications will notify you of laps even when you have the app running in the background as long as you have notifications enabled.

Splits / Laps / Auto Laps will show in your results when you are done, so you can compare, contrast and analyze any activity by equivalent segments.