Customizing Your Heart Rate Zones

Customize Heart Rate Zones on Fitdigits apps (iCardio, iRunner, iBiker)

(Android Version)

Customize your Heart Rate Zones on the your iOS devices to make your workouts personal to you. Whether you have had your V02 Max tested or are reading a heart zone training book by Sally Edwards or Joe Friel, or just prefer the Karvonen method of calculating heart rate zones, Fitdigits offers the ability to create multiple heart zone sets and fully customize your heart rate zones for the best workout experience.

If you haven’t thought about setting up custom zones, see why you might want to assess your current personalized heart rate zones, and get the best experience for you.

  1. Choose the Activity Type you want to change zones for
  2. Tap the gear icon (Activity Options)
  3. Tap Zones
  4. Tap Heart Rate Zones
  5. Tap Add Zone Set – the green + button in the top right
  6. Tap on the title of the Zone Set and the zones themselves to change the names.
  7. Tap on the beats per minute barriers to change them
  8. Tap DONE

The default heart zones to be used on that activity are shown with a check mark. Heart Rate Zones are done on a per-activity type basis, as often you find people do not have the same HR Max or zones with different sports, as the muscle adaptations respond differently. 

If you see a yellow heart next to the zone set. This means it needs to be synced to the cloud so it can be shared across devices and at the online portal.

Deleting a Heart Rate Zone Set

  1. Tap the Activity Options (gear icon)
  2. Tap Heart Rate Zones
  3. Swipe right to left to show Delete option
  4. Tap the red delete button next to the name of the heart rate zone set you want to delete.

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