Calories Per Minute (CPM)

Calories per minuteSometimes, working out, what you are really trying to do is burn calories. Yeah, while maybe not the most altruistic of causes, it sure drives a lot of us! That’s one of the big reasons we started creating Fitdigits apps – we realized if you really want to be accurate with calories, you need heart rate to do it! And with that, it’s a lot of effort. In fact, in our rushed lives, every minute counts.

Check out Fitdigits’s calorie metric, Calories Per Minute, or CPM for short. It’s a default metric on the main stats for both the iOS and Android app. It tells you exactly how many calories every minute your effort is burning.

Say you want to burn 700 calories in 60 minutes, you should be targeting around 12 calories per minute because 700 cal / 60 min = 12 cpm. If you are short on time and need to burn 700 calories in 45 minutes, you should aim to exercise at 15.5 calories per minute because 700 cal / 45 min = 15.5. Whew! You’ll be sweating, working a lot harder to burn 700 in 45 minutes than you would in 60 minutes.

Compare your workouts and see which ones burn the most calories for you!

Max Calories Per Minute

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