Add Advanced & Alternative Heart Rate Zones


Don’t accept the default! Add more modern, advanced Heart Rate Zones to your Fitdigits experience and experience heart rate zone training as relatable to this century.

Why set up personal or custom heart rate zones?

There are so many reasons to reject the worn and inaccurate 220-Age formula from Haskell – Fox, and the resulting 5 zones at 10% each (actually 7 zones if you count below zone 1 and above zone 5). While once upon a time, in a land far, far away, it was simple and helped to spread the acceptance of using heart rate during exercise, Dr. Haskell is said to have laughed about it later, as the formula was “never supposed to be an absolute guide to rule people’s training. “[1]

The report had flaws, which are well documented, to the point where the formula was deemed unacceptable even as a general guideline. It did popularize heart rate training, which is a positive, it just isn’t accurate for the majority of people.

For us here, it makes us cringe to thing so many take the formula for granted, which also means we’re excited you’re here to try some new, updated and modern zones! Many of you have known about our online zone creation tool, but now we’ve automated it. We’ve made it super easy for our Pro Plus and Star members to keep the zone sets current based on new, hopefully improving, numbers like new resting heart rates or max heart rates.

To add or update heart rate zones, login to your account online at Mouse over the profile icon and select the Heart Rate Zones section.

Look for the section on Personalized Heart Rate Zones. This will create five of the most common, popular zone definitions plus one we’ve made based on the others, but simplified.

When you click Create, you’ll see the current values set that will be key in many of the zone set calculations. If the data showing on the popup isn’t what you want for these calculations, you can go in your profile and edit the values there. If you’re good with them, create them!

To bring the new zone you will need to open your app and tap menu, then sync, to bring these new zones down to your devices.

To update the zone sets when there are any changes, like in resting heart rate, where as you get more fit it comes down, simply tap or click on the Create / Update button again.

To delete a set, tap the X in the upper right of the zone set.

To keep a zone set, so it isn’t automatically updated each time, simply go in and edit it, giving it a unique name. That’s one way to keep a history of progress. You can edit individual values in the edit zone set as well, though if you do and want to keep it around, rename it.

That’s about it! For our Pro Plus and Star members, we hope you enjoy, and feel free, as your base numbers change (resting heart rate, maximum heart rate or age), update, and keep the zones personal to you.


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