Add Advanced & Alternative Heart Rate Zones

Don’t accept the default! Add more modern, advanced Heart Rate Zones to your Fitdigits experience and experience heart rate zone training as relatable to this century.

Why set up personal or custom heart rate zones?

There are many reasons to improve on the older 220-Age formula from Haskell – Fox, and the resulting 5 heart rate zones at 10% each. This was a great starting point for a lot of study on the topic, and over the years our understanding has evolved. Still, Haskell – Fox was instrumental in gyms around the world and elsewhere, helping to spread the acceptance of using heart rate during exercise. [1]

It popularized heart rate training, which is a positive, but it has shown to be fairly inaccurate over larger populations and for some of the understanding of the physiology involved, and how muscle and energy systems turn to power.

If you are interested in seeing an overview of the many Heart Rate Zones you can calculate and integrate with our apps, see our online zone creation tool. We’ve made it super easy for everyone to keep the zone sets current based on new, and improving of course, metrics like better resting heart rates or max heart rates.

To add or update heart rate zones, login to your account online at, in your profile is a link to your heart rate zones, pace zones, and power zones. Customize zone set names, edit the titles of the zones, and more.

When you click Create, you’ll see the current values set for many of the zone set calculations. If you’re good with them, create them!

To bring the new zones to your device, tap Menu > Sync in the app.

To update the zone sets when there are changes, like decreasing resting heart rate, a positive sign, simply tap or click on the come back and tap the Create / Update button again!

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