The Difference Between iRunner, iCardio, iBiker, iWalker

No one is the same. We all look at the world differently. We identify differently. But we do it all with heart!

Fitdigits produces 4 unique experiences in both Android and iOS.


iCardio by Fitdigits

iCardio: Our original flagship, one of the first apps to bring heart rate to the iPhone back in 2008. Born for those who love the gym and fit their workouts in with efficiency and focus. Busy lives means every beat counts, be it on the elliptical, rowing machine, treadmill or stair master. HIIT routines specifically focused for gym and getting the most out of your workout time. Tips and tricks, assessments and more around heart health and training, tracking for blood pressure, resting heart rate, and more make this one of the most well rounded, easiest to use heart rate training and tracking app in the world.

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iRunner by Fitdigits

iRunner: Run tracking made for those of us who love running and jogging, with tips and tricks, coaching and helpful routines that help you get the experience you love, and the data you crave. Take the Cooper Running Test and gauge your fitness, customize your running heart rate zones to dial in on your goals.

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iBiker by Fitdigits

iBiker: The ultimate Indoor cycling app, where you can see your heart rate on your phone or tablet, where the HIIT workouts show in beautiful graphs. Outdoors, whether Mountain Biking or Road, get great maps, routes, speed, cadence, and more. All this wrapped up with special cycling tips, content and settings we know you love whether you are out exploring the world or pumping it up indoors to the beat of your favorite jam.

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iWalker by Fitdigits

iWalker: Sometimes what you are looking for is something a little less sweat and a little more step. iWalker is built to address the desires for those who are more about the daily health and activity, and aren’t as pressed for peak performance, but instead care about watching their heart rate, getting in their steps, mapping and tracking their longer walks, reviewing, re-living and analyzing the results so that you stay on a healthy and happy path now and the future. Specialty assessments like the beginner cardio assessment and the Rockport Walking test help you identify and maintain your personal walking heart rate zones and fitness level.

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They all share a similar back end account, so you can login to one or the other and share data between your apps. See a bigger picture of it all, with even more functionality and features, at

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