Optimal Minimum Workout

Testimonial from Fitdigits User – Matt S.

I first used a “system” to exercise when training for the California AIDSRide in 2002. Before I could imagine riding a bicycle nearly 600 miles in 7 days I knew I needed to lose a significant amount of weight, while also building strength and endurance. I used the Body for Life system and learned a lot about nutrition, cardio and weightlifting. Ever since that first experience with an exercise system, I’ve been searching for the optimal minimum workout: a system that keeps me motivated, tracks my progress, but gives me “just enough” of a workout to reach my goals so I don’t burnout or wear out my body.

When I use the Fitdigits Ecosystem with my Apple iPod touch mounted on my bicycle, and synced with a heart rate monitor and speed / cadence sensor, I can exercise outdoors and still ensure my workout is optimal for my weight loss and fitness goals. Creating structured workouts while having the freedom to exercise outdoors is a great way for me to stay motivated to reach my goal. I am able to achieve an optimal workout, endure minimum wear and tear, and know that I’ve put just enough effort to get maximum results.

-Matt S., Fitdigits User

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