Fitdigits Saved My Life

Testimonial by Fitdigits user John T.

I first became aware that I had a very slow resting pulse when I had a physical in July, and realized I needed to be proactive. I started recording my heart rate using the Fitdigits application and my newly acquired Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor when going for a walk. I am a 73 year old hiker who walks at least 1 1/4 hours a day and on hiking days, considerably more. I track my heart rate using Fitdigits not only while walking and hiking, but also while sitting at my desk.

As soon as I started using Fitdigits I noticed two things. First that I had a very low resting pulse (30 beats per minute) when sitting at my desk and second that when I went for my daily brisk walk, my heart rate was all over the place. I was worried.

I went to my doctor who did not believe me (he admitted as much) because I had no visible symptoms, and rejected the Fitdigits HRM as faulty. After I insisted, I got hooked up to an EKG and was admitted to the hospital because he thought he saw a “Fib Flutter” in my EKG. In the hospital that night, the monitors went off repeatedly as my pulse dropped below 30, then 20 and finally at 3:20 in the morning my heart stopped for 7 seconds.

Within a few hours, treated with great respect and great emergency, I had a pacemaker. If I had not had Fitdigits to monitor my heart to alert me of this condition, I would have never gone to the Hospital, and consequently would not be here writing this today.

Now I monitor my heart rate as a matter of routine. I talked to the Fitdigits Support team and they told me a Scosche Rhythm works great with a Pacemaker, so I now track my walks and hikes using the Rhythm and it works perfectly. As far as I am concerned Fitdigits saved the life of a 73 year old hiker. Thank you!

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